Why Is Video Marketing So Popular Nowadays?

It’s no secret that video marketing has become so popular in today’s economy. It seems like everyone is using videos to step up their marketing campaigns. You can do it too with the help of a simple tool such as an online video editor. This is why you should check out Promo.com’s video library for your next promo. But, before you go, read on to discover why you can’t deny the power of video marketing.

With each passing year, digital marketing becomes even more vital to any company looking to keep up with its competitors. Most small business owners believe that there are two types of ways on how to market their product or service. Either you create them yourself or hire a professional who will do it for you.

They Are Easy to Create

Just like taking photos, recording videos on your phone or camera is easy and accessible for everyone. You don’t need any fancy equipment to do it. Once you have your video, just upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Then, simply share it with others using social media.

One trend that has been popular online in recent years is vlogging – short for video blogging. Instead of writing a traditional web blog, vloggers film themselves talking about a specific topic. Soon after, they post it online where other people can watch it.

Some folks feel that watching someone they don’t know talk into their camera is pretty boring. This is especially true when there are no fancy special effects involved. However, many viewers still enjoy vlogs because they are more personal than any script. It also helps make connections between viewers and video bloggers. If you see someone struggling with something you might feel familiar with (or vice versa), you will most likely want to reach out. This is important for brands looking to establish relationships with potential customers.

Image by Donald Tong from pexels

They Deliver Results

A great video can capture a viewer’s attention in a way that a boring text-only post or even a professionally designed infographic simply cannot. Because they have viral potential: Videos are more likely to go viral, which means more people will see your content and ultimately become aware of your brand.

They Improve SEO

The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) has been growing over time, and having videos on your site with optimized titles and descriptions can help you rank higher in search engines.

It’s an Unexpectedly Fun Experience

Let’s face it, video is a lot of fun. Even if you don’t use them for marketing purposes, creating them can be a great creative outlet. All in all, video is an awesome tool for marketers and one that should not be overlooked. So get out there and start sharing awesome visual content. If you’re looking for awesome free stock footage to pair with your awesome visuals, check out Promo Editor.

They are Engaging

Viewers are naturally drawn to the video because it’s engaging. Unlike written content, which must be read, viewers can easily skip around on a video to find what they want.

This means they don’t get bored and will watch more of your videos (and like them more) than they would read text-based content.

You Don’t Need Fancy Equipment if Investing in an Online Video Editor 

An online video editor lets you make great-looking videos with no expensive camera or fancy equipment required. With simple editing features, you can easily replace parts of your videos if something goes wrong during filming. It also gives you control over lighting and audio quality. You can easily crop out any unnecessary parts in your frame while filming as well.

So in general, an online video editor will let you start creating high-quality videos at no heavy upfront cost.

Social Media Platforms Love Online Video

Online video is much easier to post and share than other types of content, making it ideal for social media marketing. When sharing online video links to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, you’ll see higher engagement rates than when sharing links to documents or webpages.

It doesn’t matter whether you use YouTube, Vimeo, or another platform. Just make sure all your videos are hosted in one place so it’s easy for followers to share them across their various networks.

You Can Track Them

You can keep tabs on your video’s performance by tracking various stats. They give you information about how many views it received, whether there were any likes or dislikes, and how long it played for.

Final Word

Almost every business today realizes that digital marketing can boost their brand to new heights. But when it comes to content, most people are still heavily relying on text-based media.

It’s time for you to learn why video marketing is so popular these days, and why an online video editor is one of the important tools leading to your success. 

There are many reasons why video marketing has become so popular lately:

  1. Videos grab attention faster than pictures or words alone, especially among younger demographics.
  2. People naturally love watching videos; they tend to be more compelling than plain text or boring graphics.
  3. Consuming video is less of a commitment on someone’s part; they don’t have to sit through an entire sales pitch to get valuable information.
  4. Simple editing apps make it easy for marketers to edit their footage into short clips that are perfect for social sharing.

If you want your business to stand out from all others but stay on budget at the same time, consider adding an online video editor to your arsenal of available tools. It can help you quickly and effectively create engaging videos that drive engagement, leads, and sales for your business.