Who Will Need to Consider Removing Image Background?

Backgrounds are integral parts of images. Till only few years ago, no one would even dream of paying some image background removal service provider to get their background removed from their images. Well, this is not the case anymore. Individuals, business owners, commercial photographers and marketing agencies are now paying top dollar for getting backgrounds removed from product images. 


An image background for a travel photo with a majestic mountain or roaring ocean may be attractive to look at. Some might even consider enlarging and framing the image just for the breath-taking background. 

People travel to their dream destinations for various reasons. Some like to travel and make travelling their lifelong hobby. Others travel on an occasional basis like yearly vacation. Some travel long distance to visit family or friends or to attend business matters. Whatever the purpose behind these travels, lot and lots of images are usually taken on these trips. They get shared with the family members, some end up being on the wall in a frame, some make their way to Facebook and Instagram gaining hundreds or even tens of thousands of likes. All of this buzz is just for the background in the picture. One needs to be completely insane going out of his mind to get that background removed form that image. 

Now let’s come to product photography or commercial photography. A product photography in most cases not suitable for commercial use unless background removal. Since the actual product is the center of all attention and the brand or business owner wishes to promote the product and not the background, the background gets taken out of the image to showcase the actual product. 


Now that the background from the image is removed, what’s next? Some product images might end up needing more than just background removal. For example: photo retouching service. Photo retouching service further enhances the images giving them a polished look. When website visitors see these polished images, they get attracted to the stunning images and this positive impression influences their decision to buy that product. 

Since removing the background and retouching the product image combined make the image look attractive and help boost product sale, business owners are spending additional money to get the job done. A small upfront investment in product photo retouching can go a long way in boosting product sale by many folds. 

If you compare the sales records for a product that has professional looking image having gone through background removal and retouching with another product that is used on the eCommerce platform as it, you will see that the image that has been retouched has the most sale. 


World of eCommerce is a serious beast. People make billions here and others lose everything they own including their pants. If you want to play with the big boys here, you might just want to do the right thing and follow the industry standards. While all other big players are removing backgrounds from product images and hiring professional retouching companies to get their images retouched, you cannot just cheap out by posting plain images right off the camera. You simply will not survive here. 

If you wanna play the big game, might as well do it right or go home.