Who is Mother, Model & CEO Holly Croft?

Meet the person who will inspire you to redefine your beauty goals, perceptions and encourage you to accept your body as it is!

Holly Croft is a name in the beauty world that stands behind her company @hollylovesrunway. Besides being a model, fashion lover, and fitness enthusiast, on her list of achievements she adds being a mom – the greatest role of every woman’s life. 

Holly Croft

Present in these industries for more than 15 years, Croft’s first business endeavours started when moving to New York and signing with powerhouse State Model Management. From then on, her modeling career has experienced only an upright trajectory, which includes walking in New York Fashion week multiple times over the years, filming for Project Runway, starring in major campaigns, editorials and more. 

Being in her early 30s and seeing how the fashion industry is fast and constantly changing, inspired Croft to think about her early starts in this industry, times when she lacked support, and coaching. That is why she decided to open up her own company that gives help to the new faces of the modelling industry. Croft’s firm offers proper training, support, safety, and encouragement. Today, her classes include everything from fashion week masterclasses on walking runways to training, portfolio management, image development, and other important things needed for building a successful modeling career. 

Another important detail that she provides is teaming up with modeling agencies in New York, to offer them special guidance and professional knowledge. This is an approach that she believes is crucial and fundamental to the supportive system of the new young models. 

Being a model comes with the constant struggle of keeping your body in shape. When she became a mother, Croft saw how her body has changed and decided to be an inspiration for the other mothers out there who are experiencing the same thing. Through her fitness videos and training with Tom Hamlett (@thetomhamlett), she presents all the different sides of being physically active while practicing dynamic skipping training, HITT circuits, yoga, and mediation. This comes as a part of their wellness and fitness program, particularly concerning the new moms who are struggling with the new look of their body. 

For all those of you who are willing to see and experience something fresh, different, and inspiring, visit Holly Croft’s social media @Hollylovesrunway and become a part of the new healthy revolution!