Virgin hires ex-Barclays marketer Claire Hilton its head of global brand development

Virgin Group has allegedly appointed former Barclays marketing director Claire Hilton as its head of global brand development. The appointment came just when Virgin is set to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Hilton will be working across all the Virgin companies globally.

For seven years, Hilton worked at Barclays from 2003 to October 2019, she was working there as the marketing director.  

In a statement, Global Chief Brand Officer, Virgin, Lisa Thomas said, “Claire’s arrival couldn’t be better timed. We have our 50th year ahead and significant growth happening in both the UK and US – a time to look forward and ensure that our brand remains strong and that our businesses, our people and our customers across the world are excited about the next 50 years for Virgin.”

While Hilton said, “It’s going to be fascinating working with a variety of Virgin companies across multiple industries and continents to ensure Virgin’s brand DNA shines through. Ultimately, the role exists to help Virgin companies embody our central purpose of changing business for good.”