TikToker Kingss.as from Norway on the way up.

Hello, Welcome to About Insider! How you doing Kingss?
I’m fine, pretty happy for this opportunity.

Tell us a little about yourself?
Well, my name is Alphonce Safari Konen as Kingss, 29 years old, originally from congo, but lives in Norway and I am a music artist / TikToker.

How is music going during the day? (with the idea of circumstance around covid)
I have in fact taken a break from music due to covid 19, and rather do TikTok videos, and it actually gives me a good feeling, TikTok gives me the opportunity to be creative nonstop and every day. And that’s what I need right now to keep my head on the right way.

Do you see yourself as a TikTok-Famous?
Almost, I have managed to achieve almost 25k followers in 2-3 month and 1M views every week, as well as 250k Likes total of my videos. Well, thats something. My goal right now is to post more cool/fun videos, going viral until I am verified. So my guys, make sure to follow me on Tittok @kingss.as and Instagram @Kingss.as

Keep following your dream Kingss. We believe in you.