They call him Younger Generation Trump

Alex Rotar has been growing insane amounts of support from conservatives because his ideology and his plans and his political goals are an exact match to President Donald J Trump. He has been fighting the system and deep state tried it all with him but somehow he comes out on top!

In my interview with State Senator Candidate Alex Rotar I discovered that he is originally from Brooklyn New York, 2 law degrees and masters in political science. He is currently writing a book called Wake Up Before Its Too Late. He has said and I quote “communism is not something myself or patriots can accept” people are tired of the rigged election and fraudulent acts by democrats on daily basis.

Every law enforcement agency and local government deep state hand their hand in tried taking him out. By owning international network of private investigators and computer scientist all over the world he was able to expose and stop certain people but not all. He has reached out to Mar O Logo for President Trump support so let’s see where it goes. Check out his website to learn more