The Managing Partner of “Vardharma Chambers” Advocate Shri Shashank Bajpai is an international personality with an enormous distinction in the Legal world

Advocate Shashank Bajpai, the Managing Partner of Vardharma Chambers, a leading Indian Law Firm, is strategically located in the heart of Lutyen’s Delhi at Golf Links. He has completed his Masters in Law (LL.M.) from the most prestigious Indian Law Institute (ILI), New Delhi.

Advocate Shashank Bajpai commenced his legal practice primarily before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India (the supreme judicial body of India and the highest court of India under the Indian constitution) as a Union of India Counsel. 

Advocate Shashank Bajpai Has more than a decade of extensive experience and expertise in various fields of law, including Human Rights law, Civil law, Criminal law, Constitutional law, Arbitration law, Energy law, Consumer Corporate law, Company law, Family law. In addition, advocate Shashank Bajpai has helped him master this art of pleading.

Being an excellent orator and a legal expert, Advocate Shashank Bajpai is a regular panel member at various news channels and actively participates in TV debates on Current topics and puts forward his legal opinion, both for the people from law backgrounds and laypeople. Belonging from a family of lawyers has taught him to make excellence in the concerned field. He has a bright, dynamic, young, zealous and charismatic personality.

Advocate Shashank Bajpai is currently presiding over the honorary position of Vice President at The Indian National Association Of Legal Professionals (INALP, a voluntary association for the rapidly growing community of legal professionals in India). Mr Bajpai is also a member of various distinguished associations like the Supreme Court Bar Association, Delhi High Court Bar Association, Bar Association of India, National Green Tribunal Bar Association, National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission Bar Association.

Advocate Shashank Bajpai briefs the Attorney General, Solicitor General, and Additional Solicitor General of India on regular rulings and complex legal issues. He has been a counsel to several high profile clients. He is quite a central figure in cases that relates to Human Rights, Environmental Protection and matters dealing with the accountability of Public Servants. He is also one of the top lawyers to be picked for arguing complex matters. He is also the TAJ Trapezium Zone (TTZ) Counsel and actively worked on cases related to Pollution Control Laws. Advocate Shashank Bajpai Bajpai is a keen Environmentalist.

Advocate Shashank Bajpai also advises his clients on a wide range of issues they face in India involving Anti- Corruption Laws, Competition laws, Corporate Governance, Exchange Control Laws, Data Privacy and Protection, Labour & Employment-related Laws, Matrimonial Laws. Despite his high profile private clients, he also serves as a counsel on behalf of the Government of India before Apex Court.

Advocate Shashank Bajpai’s decade long career has seen him practising before Hon’ble Delhi High Court and various Tribunals like the National Green Tribunal (NGT), Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL), National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT), Revisional Authority under Ministry of Mines, Coal Authority under Ministry of Coal, Government of India.

Advocate Shashank Bajpai’s commitment to his clients and consistent delivery of his high-quality expertise and perseverance have been recognized and praised by his clients. He has also been endorsed as an Indian-leading lawyer. He is brilliant in strategy and provides guidance based on sound judgment, experience and deep knowledge of the law. His insistence on understanding a complex issue and breaking it down with utmost ease for the court is unparalleled. Having an encyclopaedic knowledge of the diverse avenues of law, be it arbitration, banking, constitutional, taxation matters, gives him an unparalleled edge in advising and dealing with complex matters with the utmost ease.

The courtroom, the decorum, the code of conduct and, above all, the court proceedings inspires and motivates any budding young lawyer to excel and contribute to the legal system. Advocate Shashank Bajpai is no exception. The early exposure and listening to arguments by eminent lawyers and the tough but challenging queries posed by the judges was enough to inspire him and light a fire in his belly. In the legal fraternity, he is known for his values, ethics and ethical practice. However, what makes a good counsel different from not so good one is how spontaneous he is and how he advises his clients. 

Advocate Shashank Bajpai has a very balanced approach; he is a very grounded person, modest at heart, but unforgettable with his rational approach—the perfect role model for budding young lawyers. Apart from being a persuasive speaker, he appreciates and respects people on an equal level. Moreover, he stays passionate and knowledgeable and has immense patience and positive thoughts. Yet, he hardly loses his extraordinary nature. He believes in saying quote, “Always stand on principle, even if you stand alone.” By John Adams.

Advocate Shashank Bajpai has been a noted speaker at various seminars and conferences domestically and internationally, such as the International Seminar on ‘Global Environment and Disaster Management: Law and Society’ among many others, and has also judged numerous National & International Moot Court Competitions. 

Advocate Shashank Bajpai’s association with the media has been noted for a long time. His communication and interpersonal skills are acknowledged to be outstanding. He believes that the other skill of cultivating the virtue of humility, which is almost indispensable for learning and learning, expands from the inception to the end of one’s journey as a lawyer. He loves doing work Pro bono.

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