The beautiful psyche of Miss Universe 2019 and the important psychological message to one and all women aiming to be beautiful.

South Africa’s Miss Zozibini Tunzi who won the title of Miss Universe is the native of Tsolo in South Africa who won the 68th edition of Miss Universe and the most important psychological message she delivers is that –

“ Unfortunately the colour of skin has been stereotyped, Fair is considered to be beautiful which is certainly not fair with retrospect to the egalitarian society we all look forward to and are functioning for.”

The psychological message she passed was – that after being proud of being whatever we are we should make our children as we are and be happy of being what we are – this stands very important as the world is mentally caged in the belief of being fair as is recorded in the mind of the masses which is certainly not true. Apartheid is a psychological disorder as a prejudice rules the mind and shadows the wisdom, in spite of government action ground realities remain and thus was expressed by the crowned Miss Universe.

The crowned Miss Universe by words that expressed her desire to inculcate leadership among the young girls, goes on to inspire the confidence which they would surely emulate as she stands as an icon to many who unfortunately suffer the impact of social stigma. The leadership is a nurtured trait which comes from culturing mind with essential qualities like initiative, planning, communication, integrity, self-confidence etc.

Miss Zozibini Tunzi with her composed persona coupled with instant wit reflects and impresses the psychological goal she purports to conquer, There is no doubt that women are very strong beings as they are the mother to the next generation and as they stand labelled as weak, which they are not, leadership can do wonders. Leadership is mandatory to ensure healthy survival and with context to South Africa where girls are victimised to both cultured apartheid and highest recorded rape percentage in the world, but as a global ambassador the crowned Miss Universe has the right psychological framework to assist young girls in their journey of life – kudos to her and her wisdom as she talks about psychological strengthening of women and creating space and opportunity for their happy future.