Teenage super-producer Flamix unveils his sauce of music production

We had the privilege to interview Flamix; he is 16-year-old Indian electronic dance music producer who is currently producing genres such as electro house, future bass and psytrance. This musician has gained a lot of support and love for his debut EP, Mayuri. Read the interview to find out more:

First of all, how did all of this get started?
Alright. When I was in the 10th Standard, I started rapping. Little did I know that time that my love wasn’t with the raps it was the trap beats which engaged me. So, as soon as I learnt this, I started learning piano and started producing trap beats. Slowly, I turned my steering towards this EDM path which took my attention some years ago. This is how all of this got started!

We all know that for an EDM producer their dream is getting signed to a label like Spinnin and Armada. Don’t you feel the same?
Who doesn’t want that !! Obviously, Everybody wants that. But it takes time and practice. I feel that I lack some skills of mixing. After learning them, I will try getting signed. But for now, my label Anyo does my job pretty well.

We heard you attend coaching classes for medical. Don’t your parents pressurize you on studies while you produce or something like that?
No, my dad never does so. My mom does it sometimes. But after all, I am gonna choose any one of them when I have to choose cause pursuing both the careers will be difficult for me. At least for me.

What does the name of your label, Anyo mean?
Good question. Anyo was the nickname of my mom when she was small. 2 years ago, I wanted to start a nursing home by that name. But, since I am drifting into this I wanna pay my mom via this in return of her hard work, dedication and the sacrifice she made for me and my family. Although it’s a very small gift in return of that, I am trying my best to make her happy.

How do you get inspired?
I don’t know. I am very inspiration-prone. I get inspired by pretty much by everything – movies, books, music etc.

Recently, you released your debut EP, Mayuri. Even I heard it, it was really good. Which is your favourite track out of those 3?
Tum Kaho. My sister, Shivu created the lyrics with love. I love that track. Hopefully, we will make a even better version in the future.

What is your ‘sauce’ of music production and any message for aspiring producer/DJs?
No, there is no particular sauce I have. Cause I always change my recipes !!
It totally depends on my mood about producing tracks. Just make the music you love and think something new every time. The message I have for aspiring producers are “Never Win. Always Fail. But, rise each time you fall. You will learn to stand on your legs confidently !!”

What are your future plans?
I am collaborating with a singer, Bhanu Pratap Agnihotri for my next track. Let’s see what happens.

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