Roy Andrade’s 2020 Christmas Interview at Cyber Boy Corp. Headquarters

A member of our staff flew to California to visit Roy Andrade, CEO, at Cyber Boy Corp. Headquarters in Beverly Hills, Ca to conduct a Q & A. It brings us great joy to interview Roy Andrade after several failed attempts. Nonetheless, we finally got the chance to meet him and ask him a small number of questions our readers would like to know. After all, he is one of the most requested CEOs of our publication to date. 

What is your definition of happiness? 
Waking up next to someone you love. Spending time with like-minded people. And developing a strong work ethic that others want to emulate, but, can’t, because it’s too difficult to accomplish. Really, knowing how to think, live, and work to become a rarity in life.  

What does it feel like to have an office in Beverly Hills?
How does it feel to have sex? It feels magnificent. However, there is a tremendous amount of responsibility that comes with owning your own company. There is payroll, income taxes, and other factors that people need to take into consideration before opening a business. Its not as easy as it looks or sounds. Some people end up working in the same office, living in the same city, and talking to the same people their whole life. While, others excel, buy prime real estate, and make new connections to that thrust them forward in life. 

What is your biggest regret? 
That’s too funny. I have to laugh. Give me a second. Maybe a few seconds. Maybe more. That’s too funny. I could say, leaving a condo behind that I purchased at 24 in Laguna Niguel, Ca, and returning to Los Angeles County or say nothing, because I am blessed to be where my feet are planted. I thank God for the people on my contact list. I’m blessed sevenfold. 

What is your favorite sports team? 
I don’t watch sports. However, I would like to say hello to Roberto Diaz, the greatest matchmaker in boxing history, and everyone else at Golden Boy Promotions. I think Oscar De La Hoya is by far one of the smartest former athletes that has ever lived. Just read about the contract he negotiated between Canelo Alvarez and DAZN. It was worth $365 million. I read somewhere that they parted ways and the contract they had with DAZN has been terminated or something of that nature. It has nothing to do with me, or Cyber Boy Corp., so, why do I care? It’s just something I read online. I try to read everything and anything I can. 

Over 75 percent of athletes file for bankruptcy after retiring and Oscar De La Hoya plowed his money in all the right places. Not too many people can say that about themselves. In other words, he was brilliant. 

Do you know him? 
Yes, but, will leave it at that. 

What do you do for entertainment? 

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