Removing the Image Background Can Be as Easy as 1-2-3

Virtually billions of product photos are being shot every year in an attempt to promote the eCommerce products. Why? It’s pretty simple. No one is selling anything without a product image. Each and every single product sold online must have an image associated with it. Since customers buying anything online cannot see the physical product, only way they can make an informed decision is by seeing the product image. Once the product images are shot, brand owners then need to remove the image background so that these images can be posted on their eCommerce websites. 

When Removing the Background Can Be Difficult?

When the image is of a complex nature, it might be pretty difficult to remove that background. It can also be extremely time consuming to remove a background form a product image if you are doing it on your own. Depending on how many images you are working with, it can take hours of even days or weeks to get all the images edited. You simply cannot afford to run an eCommerce shop by editing all the images all by yourself. To make the process easy and seamless, businesses outsource the background removal process to offshore clipping path service providers. 

When Background Removal Can be Easy?

Working with an offshore photo editing services company, you can make the clipping path or background removal editing process easy and seamless. If the right company is selected, you can get the editing done in a way as if you are having them done inhouse as a part of your internal workflow. In fact, in some cases, your editing process can be even more efficient. 

Lot of those retouch studios are located offshore where there can be as much as twelve hours’ time difference between the two company’s geographic locations. Due to this very reason, when North American companies are ending their normal workday and go home, offshore companies are just about to start their work day. An American or Canadian company can send their daily workload to an offshore company in India or Bangladesh and go home for the day. By the time they return to work next morning, their images are all edited and sitting on the server, just a click away to be downloaded. As you can see, if can be very easy or even more efficient working with offshore background removal or clipping path service company. 

What is the Difference Between Inhouse and Outsourcing?

when you do a job inhouse, the job gets done by the copany employees within the office. These employees are full time or part time workers employed by the company to perform specific tasks. They are paid by the hour or on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Full time or part time employees are paid for the hours they work, not per job or part of the job. 

On the other hand, outsourcing companies are third party independent companies where a specific job gets contracted or subcontracted to. These people are not usually paid by the week or month but on a per job basis. In some cases, depending on the job, they get paid per hour. 

When it comes to efficiency, outsourcing can often make the process more efficient and easier as the people doing this work, they are highly skilled in doing what they do. Since they do it over and over, the skill they acquire in the process is no match for any inhouse workers.