Process of making an image stand out by removing that background

Sometimes little means more. Or another way of saying the same thing would be less is more. How can that be? Isn’t more means more and less means less? It is typically the case. However, in some cases, opposite is true. Same rule applies when it comes to product photography. Some of the images makes more sense and serves better purpose when little is shown on the image. Just having the product image itself and removing the background along with all surrounding elements from the image can make the image showcase the product better. It creates a center of attention and the focus is immediately attracted to the main object which is the product itself. In the marketing work, this makes perfect sense. 

Why having the background in the first place?

If we are doing extra work removing the background from the product image to serve our purpose, why have the image background in the first place. Can we not take the product image without the background?

The answer is no. When a photograph is taken with the camera, the camera will capture the image that is visible through the camera lens. When it comes to photography, what you see through the lens is what you get. If a product is placed on a table, or in the case of tabletop photography, the camera will capture not only the product but also the table the product is on. Regardless of where you place the product or object that will be photographed, there will be some sort of background on the image.

Can we get away without using background removal service?

We may or we may not. All depends on the objective of the product photography. Some websites are on white background. If the photographer shoots the product photography in a white box, also known as might box with white background, then you might get away without background removal service. 

Then again, the white color of the background and white color of the website or print material may not match 100%. In some cases, shooting product images in a might box can help and background removal may not be needed. When it comes to professional ecommerce photography by the way, it is advisable to get the background removed from the image. 

How much does it cost to remove the background from product image?

Cost widely varies. If you are in need of removing only a handful of image background, then the cost can be few dollars per image background removal. If you are an ecommerce company and need to remove hundreds of backgrounds from images on a daily basis, you will find better pricing by hiring an offshore background removal service provider. 

If you need only a few or single image background removal, you can find a freelancer online. Just search for background removal freelancer on Google and you will find a lot of result for higher quality of images edited on a regular basis, you will be better off partnering with an offshore clipping path company.