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Autosport has unprecedented popularity in 2021, especially in the Netherlands. This is partly due to the fantastic performance of Max Verstappen who, as a young driver, manages to achieve a podium place every time.

The question is, of course, will 2021 be Max Verstappen’s year to win the world title? Or is it Lewis Hamilon with Mercedes again who will prolong his world title for the eighth time with the Mercedes team?

Redbull is doing everything in its power to go high in 2021, of which Max will of course be an important part.

FAQs About F1 Motorsport (Breaking F1 news)

1) Will Max stay at Redbull racing in 2021?
This will depend on whether or not the Hondamotor can be replaced by a
faster motorcycle with which Max can really throw a spanner in the works!

2) Will Max make the switch to Mercedes or Ferrari?
We know that both racing teams are interested in attracting Max, but Max will probably only make the switch if he is guaranteed to be the first driver..

3) Will the first F1 Grandprix be held in Australia?
The 2021 season should begin with the Australian Grand Prix according to the original Formula 1 schedule. However, the Formula 1 race scheduled for March 21st will be rescheduled according to British media, among others.

4) What is the F1 calendar for 2021?
The F1 calendar for 2021. It contains a record number of 23 races, even though the fourth round which was destined for Vietnam is still missing from the list. The GP of the Netherlands on the circuit of Zandvoort is provisionally scheduled for after the summer break on September 5th.

All Dutch fans look forward to welcoming Max to his home circuit.
The old times in Zandvoort and Kennemerland will be revived after more than thirty years. Zandvoort and Zee the place to be for all Dutch F1 fans on September 5th.

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