Morgan King’s Debut Solo Single ‘Mirror, Mirror’ is Causing Quite a Stir in The Music Industry

Morgan King, a rising musician, released her debut solo single, ‘Mirror, Mirror,’ on May 28th of this year. The multi-talented artist enjoys experimenting with different musical genres. With her talent, skill, and sheer individuality, she creates an unpredictable spirit. She is indeed on her way to making a name for herself in the music industry.

‘Mirror, Mirror’ combines elements of electronic, pop, trap, and old-school emo vibes to create a cohesive blended flavor. This track is causing a stir in the industry, and fans are already adoring it. The Southern Californian artist shares her personal experience with the universal issues of self-image. It delves into the mindset that each person has when they look in the mirror and their perception at that time. When we look in the mirror, we almost always form negative images of ourselves. She opened up to the audience about her personal struggles with body dysmorphia through her song. Morgan encourages her audience to accept themselves as they are and to face adversity with courage.

The gifted singer-songwriter excels at splicing a wide range of sounds and styles. Morgan loves integrating both sad and upbeat music into her songs. “Mirror, Mirror,” a kaleidoscopic yet fantastic track endowed with evocative pop tones and impressive rock movements, is both terrific and indelible.

In addition to being a singer and songwriter, Morgan is also a photographer who is making strides in her career. She discovered her passion for music while pursuing her Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, so she decided to leave to work on her musical pursuits. And she hasn’t looked back since. Aside from this recent solo project, she also releases music as “88 Smiles” and soon will be dropping music with her band “The Stars Lie.”

‘Mirror, Mirror’ is now available on all digital platforms, including Spotify . For more information on Morgan King’s upcoming projects, follow her on Instagram and visit her website.