Misty Blanco’s The Misty TV Firm Corporation worth 1.2 million by end of 2020 in 6 months of opening!

Hello Misty Blanco! So glad you’re here, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How does it feel to be recognized as the only black woman running her company of the Rockefeller Center and now you have expanded to Wall St?
It feels amazing being blessed this way by God, I don’t just have 2 offices I have 5 The Misty TV Firm Corporation is also located in Miami, LA and Australia. The Misty TV Firm Corporation has truly expanded in ways unimaginable and that’s only Gods plan.

Is your company considered a record label?
No my company is a management, publicity, artist development, radio campaign, marketing and branding, imaging and filming production company for top celebrities and upcoming artist. My company even represents NBA players, actors/actresses, models, and many more.

What are some the brands we can look forward to from you outside of music?
Ive be been in chat with Funky Crystals Eyewear of possible endorsements, My cosmetic line & Boutique called “Misty Blanco’s Crème Del La Crème Soap Bakery” my hairline called “Misty Blanco” I have a liquor endorsement too, and my own marijuana strand, & clothing line as well.

How does it feel to be mentioned by Forbes as one of the executives to open the gateway to an unthought of state, Virginia? Do you currently live there?
It feels incredible and it just lets me know I’m on the right path and far away from my old path, no I don’t live there I was just out there scouting talent for my reality show.

Will there be a second season? And if so will some of the cast members from the first season make appearances?
Yes we are currently in production for the second season which will be “Misty Blanco’s Greatest Show On Earth presents Rip The Runway” I’m currently working with Levy Paul the fashion Guru on this. Casting will be February of 2021 in Richmond VA.

The Misty TV Firm Corporation
(646) 979-9769 NY office
(323) 968-9979 LA office
(786) 946-9579 MIA office