Macauley Cooper takes Instagram Fitness to the Next Level

There is a time in our lives where 95% of us hit a point where we think ‘I need to change my lifestyle’ wether that means being physically fit or mentally fit. Nobody else can make that decision for us but ourselves.

Macauley Cooper, 24 years old is a professional fitness trainer, qualified nutritionist, and muscle building guru from Co Durham, United Kingdom. His goal to help people add additional healthy years to their life by building a better body and developing a healthy physique. He is a person with a big passion for fitness and diet on which he has been working with dedication and hard work.

Macauley has launched his first eBook based around nutrition which provides mass-value for those who are looking to improve there eating habits whilst becoming fit.

Macauley has recently been accepted to be a brand ambassador for the clothing line FABActiveWear which has opened up many door for him in the fitness industry.

Social Media Platforms
Macauley has a very active social platform mainly being Instagram, he has recent posted a picture of him doing a Three-Week Transformation which showed him losing bad fat weight but gaining muscle on his upper back and shoulders. If you are interested in following Macauley’s journey then it would be a good idea to follow his Instagram @macauleycooper_