Lyrical Emphasis Is The Name Of The Game For Hip Hop Artist $tackz

Finding one’s lane in the music industry can be a difficult process for many incoming artists, yet not so for $tackz, a lyrical hip hop artist from Meridia, Mississippi. He has spent time crafting his sound into a style that puts the emphasis on verses and words. This approach is perfect with his goal to connect emotionally with audiences and promote a realness in his songs. It is no surprise then that his role models musically are those like Lil Wayne and The Notorious B.I.G. He states, when talking about what people will take away after listening to his music, that “I just want people to say that my music was real and made them feel something.”

This theme continues itself throughout his projects and even more so in an upcoming October release that will focus on him “coming home from doing a year in prison and maintaining my family at the same time. It is about coming from nothing.” Titled “The Come Up 2,” this project will include major features with DJ XO, Kirko Bangz, and Enzo Mcfly. $tackz also is hyped about his recent music video with DJ XO via YouTube for his hit single “Pop My Sh*t.” This artist has even more in the works for the near future and does it all while supporting a crazy daily life of “moving and providing” for five kids. They, along with his brother CJ provide $tackz with the greatest inspiration for his music. 

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