Luisa Zhou: The entrepreneur and teacher turning entrepreneurial dreams into reality

Her flagship course, ‘Employee to Entrepreneur,’ has changed the lives of thousands of people for the better.

This used to be the norm:

Study hard. Go to a good school. Get a good job. Retire.

Fortunately, slowly but surely, that paradigm is changing.

Enter: Luisa Zhou. One of the leading online business teachers in the world, who has helped thousands of people turn their skills and experience into a successful online business that allows them to break free from the 9-to-5.

An extremely successful entrepreneur herself, Zhou says that she considers herself a teacher and coach first and foremost, helping people turn their hard-earned skills and knowledge into businesses that in turn make the world a better place while transforming their own lives. 

Zhou is the modern-day coach that perhaps we all need to help us realize our potential and entrepreneurial dreams.

There’s no better argument for this than the mountain of successful case studies for her flagship Employee to Entrepreneur course.

According to Zhou, her courses are incredibly effective because she has always concentrated on doing the “simple things that make a big difference.” She herself coached more than a thousand students through her Employee to Entrepreneur course in its four years, and used the experience she gained in doing so to make massive improvements to her course each time. She also ran the program live for the first four years, showed up every day in the live support group, and answered questions personally. That enabled her to create what is now a comprehensive and robust self-study course with a detailed library of coaching call recordings and content that gives students everything they require to build their own online business.

By the time she was all of 25, Zhou had already worked her way up to a six figure job as a manager at a digital advertising tech start-up, overseeing millions in business revenue. Still unsatisfied, she decided to start a side hustle in the form of an online coaching business where she could impart her knowledge of digital advertising.
The online business took off, resulting in over 6-figures in sales while she was still in her job.

After turning in her notice, Zhou started getting questions about how she’d been able to build a business that replaced her salary. And how she’d been able to do it before she’d left her job. That’s when Zhou developed her Employee to Entrepreneur program and started teaching others to start their own profitable online business.

To date, she has helped thousands of individuals start their businesses and make 30K to 100K (or more) in less than a year. (Thanks to the effectiveness of her program, and the subsequent testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals, her own business crossed over a million dollars in sales in its first year.)

This former Space Station engineer, Princeton grad, and “regular employee” is perhaps her own best case study: She’s now a leading entrepreneur and teacher who has helped countless people create more value in the world, increase their own confidence, and ultimately build their own business and change their lives forever.

Luisa Zhou is an inspiration to many, who herself continues to motivate others to follow their own dreams.