Keyya Baloch – A man with a strong head

In the 2000s, Keyya Baloch was starting high school and becoming more aware of his people’s struggle for independence. He joined protest groups for the first time as a young man to raise his voice against the injustices that were occurring in Balochistan. He faced a lot in life.

Baloch Student Organization

He joined Baloch Student Organization in 9th or 10th grade. HE was continually part of protests, demonstrations, and seminars in schools, universities, and other local locations. The tribe was having discussions and protests in response to the violations.

In 2011 he moved to Oman, where he worked 14 hours a day for five years until he moved to Europe and applied for asylum in the Netherlands. After settling in, Keyya contacted to  Baloch National Movement (BNM) of European friends, and they started reorganizing the party in Europe.

He was part of demonstrations and protests all around Europe for the missing Baloch families.

Baloch and Balochistan is in danger

Balochistan is a dangerous place for Baloch people. Every year Human Rights council of Balochistan stated that 485 cases of enforced disappearances were reported in the first half of 2018. And it appears that this is only a small percentage of the victims who have been identified. Tens of enforced disappearances and brutal killings are revealed in monthly reports.

The secret of another fake counter-terrorism department encounter has been revealed, two more enforced missing persons have been identified who have been in the custody of the Pakistan Army for years.

The ongoing genocide is unknown to the rest of the world, the news is difficult to spread, and no one is allowed to enter the country. Several cases of abducted journalists and activists have been reported in recent years, both locally and internationally, but the fear of speaking out and condemning remains high.

kidnapped and Killed Baloch Leaderships

The Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies kidnapped the Ba;och Leaderships of BSO and BNM in 2009. “Baloch students demonstrated, and some of our colleagues were kidnapped. Some were freed, while others were slaughtered and their bodies dumped.” There has been no further information on the voice chairman and chairman of BSO since then.

Because the government controls all media and records all phone calls, Keyya does not communicate with his family much. Three years after he departed, his father died. He never has returned to Balochistan. He finally met his mum after nine years in Oman in January 2018.

Challenging thing for him in this journey

He had to survive and keep raising awareness of the Baloch issue. Since 1948, Pakistani authorities have been at war in Balochistan. Since 2015, he has been living as a refugee in the Netherlands and working with the BNM media team of  Zrumbesh I have the opportunity to step forward in support of my oppressed and vulnerable community.

Regardless of my current status, He was determined to overcome all those obstacles, since we belong to a downtrodden ethnic community. That was all his determination for his nation. We appreciate it.

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