KCS Technologies Inc. is hiring 1000 more employees worldwide

COVID – 19 pandemic has affected the world adversely. The economy has gone down already. There are many who have lost their jobs due to this crisis. Many companies have already fired their employees and many are set to fire their employees if the pandemic doesn’t subside soon. Well, this is how the situations are across the world. However, there are still some companies even planning to hire new employees. And one such company is KCS Technologies Inc. KCS is set to hire 1000+ new employees across its offices worldwide. KCS has its offices worldwide, including the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Speaking about the new recruitment, Vice President, KCS Technologies Inc., Prem Dasari said, “When most businesses are affected due to the coronavirus crisis, the ones which are using the digital methods of business are able to sustain the crisis and are able to perform better than earlier.”

He further added, “I feel that we are very lucky because we are already using the modern techniques of business because of which we are able to perform even during this crisis and now planning to hire new employees to help us expand KCS Technology.”

Well, all these could happen because of the CEO of KCS Technologies, Venkata Kiran Amruthavaakkula. Kiran, who has a reputation for building the teams is known for his expertise in growing teams from 2 digits to 500+ and more. Of course, a person needs to have wonderful leadership skills, but a growing business without the right marketing, sales, and branding strategies is not possible for anyone. Kiran is famous for his marketing, sales, and planning strategies, it is because of him and his timely planning, KCS Technologies could make the difference even during the pandemic.

When we spoke with Kiran about this, he said, “Yes, we are going to hire 1000 new employees for KCS Technologies for our offices worldwide. All this could be made possible because of our existing employees who are working religiously from home. Because of their efforts and hard work KCS could do better even during a crisis. We want to help our clients Go Digital and help them sustain crises like the COVID – 19, and at the same time we wish to help the ones who have lost their job because of this crisis.”

Well, we are in talks with Kiran and hopefully, very soon we would be able to have his interview for our platform!