Interview With Upcoming Youth Icon & Social Media Sensation Wong Wei Tian

In conversation with the upcoming Youth Icon and the new social media sensation Wong Wei Tian and asking him questions about his life, career and how did he get to this stage at such a young age!

Please tell us a little about yourself.
Well, I am an actor and model. My age is 21 years and I have worked my way through dramas and TVC’s. Acting is my passion and hence I’m here in this industry. You can see me in the promotional TVC of Inside Scoop Icecream Mooncake. I love to share my life and my activities with people. I am struggling to be a successful actor, try different roles, and bring some change through my character. 

How did you create your interest to be an actor and influencer?
As I said, I love to share and care about humanity. As I grew up, I wanted to be an influencer, where I can play a revolutionary role in society. To me, acting as the best profession through which I could do this. 

I believe I can play different roles and characters to portray some messages to society. I would love to do roles that leave some deep impact on my audience and if I am able to influence a few people I would consider myself successful. 

In what ways has social media impacted your career?
Social media is the perfect way to be close to your audience. An actor is more successful when they are loved by there fans. No one can become a star unless they have a fan following. For me, I have over 100K followers on TikTok and 58K followers on Instagram. If I look back a few years, there were not even a 1000 people who knew me. 

Hence social media has boosted not only my career but my confidence as well. I consider my followers as my family and when you know you have a family of more than 150k people. It automatically gives me adrenaline to do more for them. 

Are there any projects you are currently working on? 
Let me keep that a secret, HAHA! Well, currently I am working on a few projects. It will be too early for me to disclose them right now. But you will know them soon.

I am always looking for opportunities. I am always ready to challenge myself. I love being in front of the camera. It feels like I have my people in front of me and I am either talking to them or entertaining them. So, working in the industry makes me feel at home. This isn’t like a job for me, rather it’s a passion.

What kind of roles do you like or would like to play and why?
I actually accept anything. Anything that’s challenging…. Anything that I feel would make me grow I am up for it. I am more of an adventurer, so I like trying new things. I like to put myself to the test. You can see my previous work; I have been doing various characters. 

I played a Chef as well as a passenger in Selamat Jalan Tahun Baru Cina, a telefilm by RTM. I played the role of an Assistant Harry Kok too in Keluarga Baha Don 2. I played the character of a sportsman, a goalkeeper, and a student in Mega Drama Astro “Takdir Kita”. Another student character with the guitar was played by me in FA Mid-Autumn Festival A short film. I played a college student in Selamat Hari X Jadi. Then you saw me as Orang Thai in Drama Pilot, that was a challenging one. You also saw me as Askar Komunis in Hari Pahlawan Documentary. 

So, I love being versatile. I try to give in my 100% for anything I do. I even opt for extras because you get to learn a lot from anything you do. Any opportunity I get, I would go for it because I want to show myself to my people, my fans. I want them to know me more that yes Wong can do this, Wong can do that. So yeah, I am up for anything that brings me close to the audience.

What strategies or tips can you offer to someone wanting to be an actor and influencer?
I am too young to answer this question though. But still to all the strugglers like me. I would advise them to set a goal and then work for it. Do not look for shortcuts, do not try to jump onto things. No one can become a star overnight. No one gets a major break sitting at home. You need to work for it. You need to work on yourself. 

Everybody needs to start from below. I too did the same. I didn’t get to the higher stage without any struggle. I started with being in the extras in the films. If you get a chance to be extras, go for it. Show yourself, prove your worth. If you refuse to do that and wait for a main role, you will never come up. You need to prove your worth by starting from low. This industry is not easy. It’s huge, it is really huge and once you get into it. You need to find your way. If you are a hard worker, and you have the passion, get from the bottom end and you will find your way up. 

Where can people find you online?
People can find me on Instagram: @weitian0316, Tiktok: @weitian0316 
If anybody wants to have a shoutout or a special message, they can Click here and book me for a special shout out. I love to be a part of the shoutout family and would love to make my people smile.