Latest Interview with Theadina Von Seyfried

Hi Theadina! We will start our interview with the common question asked by artists – what is art meant for you?
Art means freedom to me. Art is about expressing yourself- your hopes, dreams, fears and desires. It means being authentic to your heart. Creativity has always been my passion in life. Art fulfills my soul and my imagination is set free. This is what art means to me.

As an absorbing artist, what do you think is life?
As an artist, I view life itself as creation and the greatest masterpiece.

How can you explain Theadina Von Seyfried growing up?
Theadina Von Seyfried was a very vivacious, artistic, and almost eccentric child! I still adore the same things I did as a little girl; such as photography, writing, and drawing. I think a part of me getting into the arts was also because I’ve always felt different from everyone else so creating was my form of communication. I was fortunate enough to have parents that supported and encouraged my artistic endeavors. I really loved reading Edgar Allan Poe as a child, watching Old Hollywood movies, and sometimes causing mischief!

From where did your journey start as an artist?
From a very young age I’ve always had a fascination for beauty, art, cinema and enchantment. I spent a lot of time alone in my room (which is the way I liked it!) and completely immersed myself into whatever I was doing at the time. I would stay up until 3 in the morning sketching trying to make a drawing perfect. Art was my window to the world, the way I could express myself.

Besides a model, how did you end up being an actor?
Growing up I was very much inspired by Old Hollywood cinema. My parents watched a lot of classic films. I became obsessed with actresses like Elizabeth Taylor and Vivien Leigh. I was not only inspired by their talent but by their beauty as well. I just love The Golden Age of cinema in Hollywood. I started in modeling but then fell into acting and began auditioning in Los Angeles. Modeling to me is an art form but so is acting. They are similar but different. Acting inspires me to be a better person and to use the platform for good in the world. I would like to inspire others the same way it has inspired me.

Who has been your inspiration throughout your life?
My parents have been my biggest inspiration in life, especially my father. I have a lot of my father’s qualities in me. My father had an art studio and he was the first one to teach me how to paint and draw. My parents took me to art exhibits, screenings and movie premieres as a child. I was very fortunate growing up to have parents that not only supported but encouraged my artistic endeavors.

What was the greatest loss of your life?
The greatest loss of my life has undoubtedly been losing my father. I had never lost anyone in my life up until that point and it is still something heavy I deal with everyday. My father is my inspiration & driving force in life. To lose someone you were close to, especially a parent, is heartbreaking. Although my father’s passing hurt me it also strengthened me in ways I never thought possible. I have clarity now and want to live life fully just as my father did.

Tell us about your brand?
My brand is dark, sexy, beautiful, eccentric and a little mysterious.

What is going to be your next mission?
I want to travel the world and help women & children. After the passing of my father I want to give back to the world. I will continue acting and modeling, but I want to do humanitarian work as well. I’d like to start a charity, foundation, or do things that can help people all over the world. It is my mission in life to use my imagination and compassion to help others.

Our last question is, what advice would you like to give to beginners of any industry?
My advice to anyone starting in any industry is to be relentless with your pursuits. Have a goal and do not allow anyone or anything to get in the way of that goal. Be absolutely relentless. Be relentless in your pursuits and passion.

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