Interview with Amila Gamage, Green Mom blogger in Singapore, Engineer, Trainer and an Entrepreneur

Amila Gamage is a Singapore based Green Mom Blogger and she writes Diary of a New Mom. Through her blog posts she shares about living green. Other than a mom blogger she works in the construction industry as an engineer and a trainer. She is the founder of Sihela Consultants where she provides her services to construction companies.

In a recent blog post she said that Diary of a New Mom will be a green mom blog in Singapore. This post caught attention of other fellow bloggers and readers too. Therefore we wanted to interview Amila Gamage for a short interview about her initiative towards green lifestyle.

Will Diary of a New Mom be just another green blog? Or will she be a just another green mom blogger? Will she be able to survive as an eco-friendly influencer? These were the questions in our mind before interviewing her.

Let’s read what Amila Gamage has to say.

Hello, please tell us about yourself   
Hello, thanks for interviewing me. I am a Civil Engineer in construction industry with over 17 years of experience in the field of construction cost management and contract administration.  I am the founder of Sihela Consultants where I provide my services in contract administration for construction companies. Apart from that I am also a blogger and I write Diary of a New Mom which is a Singapore based green mom blog.

What is your idea behind writing a green mom blog? We like to know the reasons to become a green mom blogger in Singapore.
I started writing my mom blog in 2015 to connect with the world through blog posts and ideas.  At that time I was a stay at home mom to take care of my kid. However I found that I enjoyed doing DIY projects, crafts and cost saving ideas at home while turning those into blog posts. Instead of writing about more commercialized articles I wanted to create awareness about living a simple and ecofriendly life. I wanted to raise a child who loves our mother nature. I wanted him to grow with the love of mother earth. Instead of surrounding him with expensive toys, I loved taking him on a nature walk, grow a plant or do a simple craft. However until this year I wrote my blog as just another mom blog. I wrote about anything and everything.

Believing that green lifestyle starts from the young age, I thought why I don’t raise awareness through my blog. As a result in 2021, I made a resolution to focus the blog more on green lifestyle and sustainability.

We all know that websites are full of information about going green. Among such what makes your blog Diary of a New Mom so unique? Why should people read it?          
There are reasons to read Diary of a New Mom.   It is not just another green blog. All the projects I post are with clear instructions which anyone can follow. There are many eco-friendly projects which parents can do with their children. I only share practical ideas about green living which I have tried and still trying. Other than that I connect with the readers replying their quarries and comments. Basically they can read about me and my lifestyle when they read my blog. They can believe in these ideas and adapt to their lifestyle.

Tell us about Connect with Nature workshops
Connect with Nature workshops are initiated by Dr.Parvathy Subhadra who is the Managing Director of Green in Future Pte Ltd. In a recent conversation with her, she shared more about how we can help kids to connect with nature. She highlighted about the importance for today’s kids to connect with nature as their childhood is spoiled by technology around them. With my interest in eco-friendly lifestyle and with my experience as a trainer, I joined with her to conduct Connect with Nature workshops. 

Dr.Parvathy conducts workshops on topics such as Terrarium making, Microgreen Growing at your own kitchen and Horticulture Therapy.

I joined with her workshops through topics such as How to Make a Green Building and How to make your home green.   My experience in construction industry involving in Green building projects help me to design these workshops and my experience as a trainer helps to deliver the workshops creating engagement and awareness.

Our workshops include 30 minutes Mindful yoga conducted by Ms.Dhara Shantilal which helps children to focus on their studies.

Do you have any advice to share with our readers?
It is our responsibility to protect our nature. You can start it today. Each small step counts in reducing your carbon foot print. Limit your energy use and consume less. Teach your children on how to live a green lifestyle. This help to ensure our mother earth’s sustainability for future generations.

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