Interview with Actor & Social Media Influencer Tyler Mizak

Tyler Mizak is an actor and social media influencer who is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tyler can be seen in several film and television projects along with various print ads.

We have been following Tyler Mizak very closely, and have been trying to get a few minutes of his life to have some chit-chat with him just to know the other side of his personality.

After chasing him for a long time we could manage to have a chat with him. Here are the insights for all of you!

Tyler please tell us about this new clothing line?
Tyler: The X- by: Tyler Mizak line is a clothing line consisting of different t-shirt and hoodie designs made by me to represent certain things that have happened to me that other people can relate to! It seems to really be popping off and people are liking it! Shout-out to everyone that had purchased something from the line!

Is there any projects you are currently working on?
Tyler: There is always a project I am working on! I feel like no one project is bigger than any other. I do think my biggest project of all is working on myself and working to focus more on myself in 2020!

I love your Instagram profile, what is your favorite Instagram picture on your feed?
Tyler: 100% all of them! If you look at my page, I don’t upload 3 times a day you will get lucky if I upload more than 2 times a week. That is because I want to upload pictures I love, not that I just like!

Relationship status?
Tyler: Single as a Pringle and ready to mingle!

Where can readers find you online?

If you’d like to know more about Tyler Mizak do follow him on Instagram