Indian startup Divine Pooja Kit is making a difference in Pooja Kits and accessories market with its premium products and services

It’s time to opt for more divine experiences with ‘Divine Pooja Kit’. Everything has moved digital and optimizing the same; the said brand offers a wide collection of Pooja products and other items.

The rise of certain industries and sectors proves the kind of developments and advancements the world is embracing. We have chosen to take a step forward and walk in sync with the changing times of the world. The world of business has seen an evident transition from physical shops to online stores and portals, which is again a step forward to a brighter future of the business space. Many brands chose to utilize and optimize this opportunity, especially now, where everything has confined to our homes amidst these trying times. To make everything available to people at their doorsteps, many businesses turned digital. However, as Indians, we always believed that rituals and ‘pooja’ could only be carried out in the physical presence of pandits and shastris. But to change the game here, we have a brand that has been making all the buzz right now for all the right reasons. It is ‘Divine Pooja Kit’ ( As the name suggests, they offer all items and products needed to carry out a pooja at home.

Neha Jalan, the CEO of the company, is of the view that “Since the world has moved digital, we thought why not shift this industry as well into the online arena. Though people still are unaware of such services through the digital mediums, but that is why we pioneered this idea to offer people all their pooja requirements and cater to their needs by making everything available at their doorstep.”

Brands like Divine Pooja Kit, which is rising as India’s premium Pooja Kit brand, comes as a breath of fresh air, where people can sit back, relax and get their jaaps, poojas and other rituals done through Shastris digitally. This is another reason why the company has been flourishing so much in a very short period. People need more such advancements when it comes to doing these rituals, as going digital is the need of the hour. Such brands make everything easier and convenient for people who can remain safe and still gain the services through their homes.

Talking about Divine Pooka Kit, they also offer customized Pooja Kits for any festivals and occasions while offering various other items related to Pooja. What has kept the brand unique is that they are 100% herbal and pure.

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