“I AM” a film that deserves all your attention

Recently this year, Candid Broads productions decided to make some noise and tackle the stigmas related to a generally misunderstood and sensationalised mental illness, that is, schizophrenia through their short film ‘I AM’. Currently crowdfunding to finalise the film, the production company reached out to the community for one last push.

The story follows Gabi a young woman suffering from schizophrenia who tries to hide her mental condition from her boyfriend after having recently moved in together. Although it is an exciting time in her life where she takes the next step in her relationship, it is soon taken over by an inner turmoil through the fear of him finding out and leaving her. 

This short film aims to spark a conversation. It is for those who are disturbed by the constant judgements in our society, those who struggle to fully be themselves with the fear of disappointing their inner circle. With ‘I AM’ and Candid Broads Productions, the filmmakers wish to make a change and ensure the right conversation takes place. What better way to start than involving mental health activists such as TedxTalk speaker Cecilia McGough and award-winning mental health activist Michelle Hammer. Candid Broads did not stop here, they also launched initiatives to give a voice back to the mental health community by asking artists experiencing mental illness to express themselves through their arts and some were selected to be placed on the set. 

After all, Candid Broads was created by Oriane Pick, an award-winning actress and producer, who during her acting experience has long wished to see multi-dimensional female characters that were far from being perfect nor polished on screen to reflect the reality of everyday life. She solely tells stories with a fresh and original perspective, bringing to life fierce and bold female characters.

Credit: Ines Hachou

‘I AM’ is a unique, beautiful and ambitious story which has never been told before and Candid Broads firmly believes it can break stigmas around mental health. If you wish to learn more about the project, click on the link:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/i-am/i-am-11 

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