Happy Jewelers: A Jewelry Store Where You’re Treated Like Family

Jewelry often serves as a physical representation of an important moment in a person’s life. Whether it is an heirloom necklace or a stunning engagement ring, jewelry possesses a strong emotional meaning for people all across the globe. At Happy Jewelers in Fullerton, CA, understanding the importance of a customer’s request and providing the most personalized product and service is of the utmost importance to owners Gabe and Danny Arik.

Founded in 2000, Happy Jewelers has been owned and operated by the Arik brothers for over two decades. While much has changed in their family lives and the jewelry industry over those years, their basic philosophy has remained the same. “Our solid foundation in the manufacturing, wholesale and retail jewelry industry nationwide allows us to provide our customers with the most innovative designs that are as unique as they are,” Gabe Arik remarks. 

This solid foundation Arik speaks of is built upon the fact that the Arik’s are owners of a manufacturing facility. Owning this facility allows the brothers to oversee each step of the Happy Jewelers process, from design to production to delivery. This autonomy is the driving force in the Arik’s ability to ensure complete satisfaction for all of their customers. Gabe puts their mission for 100% satisfaction simply: “Jewelry makes people happy, and we want to make people happy.”

When the brothers founded Happy Jewelers, they were both young in age and unproven in the Southern California jewelry industry. In order to set themselves apart from their competitors, they knew they were going to have to work ten times harder, but the brothers were hardly daunted by the challenge ahead. 

“As a young 18-year-old,” Gabe recalls, “I knew I needed to work to gain the respect I deserved.” He continues, “So, I worked harder and smarter than everyone else, and quickly, I became a name in the industry.” Gabe and Danny’s years of hard work have placed them on top of the Southern California jewelry business and has placed them in a business to give back to the community that helped them to succeed. 

“It’s an internal cultural value that we believe sets us apart from other jewelry stores,” the brothers state. Part of that internal culture is the brother’s drive to give back to their community. Building Happy Jewelers with a socially mindful persona, the Ariks have supported community events and partnerships that have helped their local area to flourish.

Overall, Happy Jewelers aims to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to everyone who crosses their path in any aspect of their business. “Family is everything,” Gabe assures. “We are a close family, and my brother, Danny, and I carry that into the way we treat our team members as well as our customers.”

To learn more about Happy Jewelers and the Arik family, visit the company website and Instagram page.