Hamzah Saadah Aka Absorber Is Following An Established Recipe On His Way To Success

Hard work has long been the pathway to progress in any pursuit or passion, and Texas-based streamer Absorber is taking this road less traveled. Real name Hamzah Saadah, this Fortnite and Minecraft streamer transitioned from magic videos and lifestyle vlogging to gaming content, and the results have followed. Absorber counts his greatest success so far as reaching over 8,000,000 followers across all of his social media platforms, and he shares, “Knowing that I put a smile on over 8,000,000 people’s faces blows my mind, and I could not be more grateful for them. One of my main goals is just to inspire and spread positivity to as many people as possible.”

Hamzah spoke about his rise as Absorber in an interview. He credits hard work and dedication to the success he has seen. “To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be highly energetic and motivated. You cannot be afraid of failing. You need to fail to succeed, and I think that is the best way to put it. Put your mind to something, and get it done.” This belief goes hand in hand with the advice he would give any young entrepreneur as he encourages, “Work your butt off and get things done. Manage your time, have a vision on where you want to end up, and just never give up.”

Continual adaption is the key to success in streaming, and Absorber is working on a number of changes in the background. He revealed, “I think one of my next big moves would have to be me starting up my own gaming organization. I have not mentioned this anywhere before, but it may or may not already be in the works.” The evolution of his career has hinged on his drive and work ethic, and Absorber believes he is set apart from other competitors relating, “I am very hard-working, motivated, and I am NOT afraid to fail. You need to fail to succeed at the end of the day, and I stand by that. I do not stop until I get to where I want to be, and I also try my best to be as inspirational as possible to my audience.” This combination has led to the rise of many top entrepreneurs, content creators, and social media influencers, and Absorber is on the track doing just the same.

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