Grish Majethiya’s Award-Winning Short Film ‘Decision’ Now Streaming on MX Player

Entertainment is an extremely abstract encounter, and to comprehend it requires an exceptionally wide comprehension of what people find entertaining. The perfect shadow of entertaining is engaging. what truly is engaging is the thing that people find engaging through any flavor of genre. This is a moving objective. The film “Decision” carries the whole pressure under 8 minutes. even better when you find out the whole procedure is a challenge. and it’s been admirably done within just 50 hours. In terms of entertaining the audience, the film is pretty straightforward when it comes to the story, so for those audiences who love to watch a fine arts performance with a crucial and social subjective story .you will take it as your own story. Even for those audiences who love exhilaration, you will find your thrill. Overall it will be a worthy 8 minutes.

Grish Majethiya’s debut short film “decision” tells the story of a bright college student Ashutosh played by Girsh Majethiya himself who is dealing with a scientific innovation that can Change The Entire World. His consultant Akash played by Akshay Borude consistently directs and propels him at whatever point he has stuck someplace. At last, after 3 years of hard work and commitment, Ashutosh prevails in his development yet nature was planning something else. It was clear that he wasn’t ready at all for the test. Will he take the ideal Decision?

The film “Decision “covers every single element with an outstanding performance. 

About the Filmmaker- Grish Majethiya is a Young Filmmaker and an Actor from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He is just  17 and examining in class eleventh. The short film “decision” is his debut movie as a Director however he has chipped away at many tasks as an entertainer, which incorporates TV show ‘EPIC IQ’, International Series ‘Incredible Locations’ and some more. He is additionally the Acting Winner of the TV Reality Show ‘No. 1 Dramebaaz Season 3’.

Grish said the main challenge that came was of team members. He was completely separate from others and had no budget for the film. He attempted a great deal to discover individuals intrigued to cooperate, few were not in a similar area, few were occupied with other work, yet at long last, the group was prepared, What’s more important is the group gave their best in a brief time frame. So he thanks every one of the members who were with him till the end of the 50 hours. The film wouldn’t be complete without Rushi Pinjare,  Rushikesh Gayke and Sanskar Hiwrale’s cinematography, Moses Khorat, Shobhit Nagpal, and Nitin Vishnu’s VFX and Proofreading, Shumiron Das, Ezik, and Nitin Vishnu’s music. 

According to IMDb, The film has already covered 2 nominations for best film in “Kalakari Film Fest 2021”, and in the Indian Film project 2020.GM Production’s ‘decision’ has won a few honors including Top 100 in IFP’s 50 hours Filmmaking Challenge, Selected for broadcast on MTV, Official Selection in ACCSF 2020, Official Selection in First Time Filmmaker 2020, Miniflix Official Selection. 

The short film is streaming on multiple OTT Platforms across the world including MX Player, Hungama Play, Nuella TV, Flixaz, ABC Talkies, Heeroz, Shorted, AaoNxt, Miniflix, FilmDoo, Short Fundly, Mowgli Baba, MovieWood & Fillum App.