From film trailer to the streets – The Lady of Heaven garners record-breaking responses internationally

With over two million views in under a month, thousands of reposts and responses, The Lady of Heaven has picked up as an international sensation. Produced by The Enlightened Kingdom film company, the historical drama received over 1,000 reaction videos by viewers worldwide!

It is not often that a film garners such a response, but it is no surprise that viewers from the UK, Thailand, India, Spain, Ireland, the Philippines, Canada, Poland, Netherlands, Romania, Brazil, Kenya, Jamaica, Iceland, Russia, Denmark, New Zealand, Algeria, Italy, Georgia, Morocco, Malaysia, and Cyprus are all here for it. 

Not only have reactions been insane, The Lady of Heaven trailer’s comments section was garnering close to one hundred thousand before being turned off! The excitement built around it, the incredible filmmaking process, and historically and religiously accurate story is changing the scope of the industry.

The Lady of Heaven

The Lady is a powerful and important historical character that many in the world have never been introduced to. The film is also exceptionally historically accurate. We worked tirelessly to ensure that all aspects of the film are linked to historical records, from the characters, to the scenes, to clothing, armoury, pottery, houses, etc. Everything was painstakingly researched,” the filmmakers say.

Separated by 1,400 years, the two plots of The Lady of Heaven introduce viewers to Lady Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, and the plight of an Iraqi child called Laithe, who tragically loses his mother during the war. Their combined stories bring together a truly emotional response by viewers everywhere as the trailer emphasizes the plight of both, stories of terrorism and violence, and keeping a sense of hope and faith in the world they live in. 

Click play to watch the trailer of “The Lady of Heaven”

The Lady of Heaven is breaking boundaries in the film world, discussing taboo topics in a way that respects religiosity, culture, but more importantly, the history behind it all. “The Lady is held dear in the hearts of billions worldwide, but her story has never been shared through film. Her story is a universal one that we can all learn from, teaching us the best response to corruption and to power hungry politicians,” the filmmakers say. 

From the trailer, responses have taken to the streets in Iraq especially, gaining massive support due to the representation of Iraqui culture in the storyline. There could not be a street where the film poster wasn’t posted up. This story truly has never been told before with so many about Moses, and Jesus Christ, but none on Lady Fatima. It continues to be ground breaking in every aspect. So, why now? 

In a time of global uncertainty and hardship, the Lady’s story is a much-needed message of patience, hope, and strength,” Abdul-Malik Shlibak, Executive Producer, said. 

The newly developed technology also preserved the religious codes while depicting the Holy figures. Producers of the film state, “Following Islamic tradition, no individual represented a Holy Personality during the making of this film. The performances of the Holy Personalities were achieved through a unique synthesis of actors, in-camera effects, lighting, and visual effects.”

There’s no doubt that the $15 million budget, incredible production and film team, talented cast and dedicated staff has produced a film that is going to shake up the world forever.