Exclusive Interview with Multi-Business Entrepreneur Lady Charlotte Armstrong

Lady Charlotte Armstrong, Multi Business Entrepreneur, Mother of 5 babies and 2 doggies is one of the most trending women entrepreneurs on Instagram with over 312K followers. 

Hi Lady Charlotte Thank you for doing this interview?
Thank you for having me excited to be doing this.

Is it true you have 5 children? Wow
Yes , I can’t believe it I have París 16, Skye 13, Alfie 2, Charlie 1 and baby Aspen 7 months
4 girls and 1 boy

Tell us about LIP© Ladies in Power?
Brand new Female Empowerment Community founded during the Pandemic offering a community for Ladies all around the Globe

LIP © Ladies In Power Has a Podcast?
Yes that’s right check it out on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Play and Apple music really good fun interviewing all of the amazing guests and also seeing in their make up bags.

What’s next?
I have just secured a behind the scenes docu-series following my family around which is exciting I have some big projects in US , Product Launches. Super looking forward to LIVE Events & Red Carpets.

To know more Lady Charlotte Armstrong visit: www.lady-charlotte.com or www.ladies-in-power.com
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