Bleary’s “Weeknight” Review – Commendable elucidation of an individual’s struggle to pursue a passion  

Bleary’s music video, “Weeknight,” arrives augured well as the story of a self-sufficient artist with no outside support, who is ready to stand out with his talent and intense love for music. Oregon-based music artist Bleary debuts the music video to his latest hip-hop/rap single, “Weeknight.” Part three of the breakup series is a perfect blend of emo, funk, & rap.

Breakups are normal today; however, some people find it really difficult to come out of them. In the music video, Bleary focuses on the importance of friendship and the healing of time. In addition, the music video highlights an individual’s struggle to pursue a passion while continuing with the unabating monotony of existence.

The “Weeknight” video was shot with the people I make music in the house I record in, it takes place in the weeks/months following a breakup and symbolizes how important friendship is in one’s life.

The lyrics of the song seem to be picked very carefully.

Each word, “I’m so bored cuz I’m so old, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to see, but I’ll try to take what I can away……….. The self-regret and the hopelessness and the no escape for a dog like me. A dog like me..” emphasizes the state of mind one has while trying to pursue his/her dreams. 

Apart from this, the subtle background music and the uncontrived cinematography just add to the music video.  

Bleary delineates Weeknight as “the necessity of getting right to your passions after the workday; the required sacrifice of sleep, the toll that takes on the following day, and how completely exhausting yet inescapable that spiral is.”

Bleary took to his Instagram and posted his latest music video, “Weeknight,” with the long caption describing the essence of the video with a hilarious message to his fans at the end. He captioned the video: “The music video for the universe’s first emo funk track is out next Thursday. This track blends a lot of genres that don’t go together, so I’m pretty proud of that.

The video was shot with the people I make music with in the house I record in, so it’s a “behind-the-scenes” look at both my life and art.

It tells the story of every self-sustaining artist that doesn’t have outside support. Going immediately to the studio after work, shit running too long and cutting into the morning, and the horrible necessity of it all. Anyway hope you dig it and if you don’t already follow me, do it. Your mom wants me to be able to make a living at this, and last night she told me to tell you.”

The “Weeknight” music video is available now on YouTube. You can also visit and Bleary’s Instagram @blearyworld for more upcoming projects.