Best Barista Training Courses in the UK

Whether you are a coffee geek or you want to become a barista, you will need to do a barista course to really nail it and pull the perfect espresso.

In the last ten years the coffee culture in London has gone from zero to hero. Mostly this is due to the huge influx of Aussies and Kiwis bringing their flat whites and perfected espressos to the British Isles. Barista training has now become essential to a deeper understanding.

The original barista and coffee school, Baristabarbar,  is still going strong and was set up by some of these clever Australians. It’s become a place of coffee worship. It’s now world renowned. It’s down a small alley in Whitechapel and is so cool that they say “we don’t do marketing, we do excellent coffee and barista courses our reputation speaks for itself.”

“We are trying to convert you to a highest standard of coffee. We are like coffee missionaries of sorts….we want you to be able to make a truly great coffee” says Dylan. It’s clear from their dedication that coffee is close to a religion at Baristabarbar.

There are huge range of courses from your basic barista course, giving you the essential skills,  through to a barista boot camps and latte art courses. There are also lots of other great coffee schools too including Nude Coffee, Ozone Square Mile and Prufrock. London is lucky to have such a choice. 

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Writer Kate Burnes