A Conversation with Actress Christy Chilton

Christy Chilton is an actress known for the movies Rogue Island, Sugar!, Raiders, The Lost Digit, Vin Diesel’s film The Paint Job, and more. We sat down with her recently to learn more about this Hollywood born talent.

From our research online, it seems like you’ve been acting for quite a while now… How long have you been an actress?
Well, I guess it really started when I was about four years old, I began modeling for a few department stores and then shortly after I joined the local theatre troupe, which led me to my first lead role as Gretel in Hansel and Gretel at the age of five. That was the start of something amazing for me, I felt it even then to some degree, but only with time did I gradually become aware of how all-encompassing the arts would become for me.

What was your favorite part to play?
I’ve enjoyed nearly every role that I’ve been cast in, some more than others of course, but the first that comes to mind would be Elizabeth, in “China”. It was a two person act we performed in a small black box theatre, Elizabeth is on the verge of a mental breakdown and it was an incredible experience getting lost in her mental deterioration on stage in front of the audience, all the while remaining oblivious to their presence or their perception of her behavior.

Another persona that was interesting to ‘try on’ was the role of this terrible woman, Jessica Strait, who I played in Preston Waldon’s film about human trafficking, “The Truth about Monsters”. My character was in no way relatable or redeeming on any level, but I enjoyed the challenge of slipping into her shoes for a bit.

“Every character presents the opportunity to discover something new, about yourself, about life, perception, relationships, ulterior motives,  the human psyche, you name it… I love delving into it all.”

What was your least favorite part to play?
Well, I’ve had a few parts where the characters were more or less- underdeveloped- in the writing. More than once, while digging for more (my character’s motivation, background), I’ve been surprised (and slightly annoyed) to find a director looking at me blankly, confused, or even slightly embarrassed, before telling me there’s nothing really past the surface with the person I’m about to portray.  “It’s frustrating as an actor, to not be able to completely inhabit the character you are to become, no matter the scale of the project…. It’s similar to giving an artist a blank canvas and a poorly sharpened pencil to create something with.

Are you working on any new projects now? 
Even before COVID-19 hit, I’d decided to take a bit of a break to focus on my family and other business pursuits, although I did immerse myself in films while working with the Sarasota Film Festival through 2020. I also have had the opportunity to teach acting classes with two great filmmakers, Paul and Petra Ratner, of Radiant Island, at the Sarasota Film Festival’s Film Academy, that has been a blast!

Any big future plans we should know about?
Absolutely, I’m always toying with a new idea or collaborating with someone on a creative project to some extent. The isolation of COVID-19 really woke me up to how just much I had been missing performing and creating, as well as reminding me of the importance of art, film, and film education… Stay tuned is all I can say for now!

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