5 Benefits A Telephone Answering Service Offers In-Home Care

Home health care providers offer essential services to people in their care, but no home health care provider can do it individually. The extensive teamwork needed between your agency’s physicians, nurses, caregivers, medical supplies providers, and schedulers, combined with a limited budget, makes it more difficult to often have some of the right staff, especially support workers.

You have plenty to think about as a home health care professional with responsibility for your patients. But how do you do it well while still making yourself available by phone 24hrs a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year? This is simply impractical for most small businesses, and specific calls are lost as a result. Selecting a Telephone Answering Service is one way to prevent this.

There are many advantages of having In-Home Care Answering Services. Here are a few of them


Getting a team of telephone experts on hand will make the difference between a high quality of treatment and patients falling through the cracks with a home health care provider. You may not know it, but a Telephone Answering Service can do a variety of tasks at a fraction of the expense of employing a dedicated telecommunications operator.

1. Immediate Response To An Emergency Call

If you have a medical emergency and are unable to speak with a live operator, you can still contact In-Home Care Answering Services through the phone system. It’s easy, and they’ll be able to meet your medical needs as quickly as possible. You may either leave the medical conditions to their employees or make them give you the medical reports, whichever is more convenient for you.

The team that treats medical problems should provide a skilled and informative service. They will be available to answer your questions and assist you in making the right choices about your wellbeing.

2. Decreases Workload

With these kinds of medical care, you can do a lot of work with little to no money. That implies you can take on a lot of jobs by not having to think about a lot of expenses. When you don’t have the funds to recruit staff or are only starting out, this can be very beneficial. Consider how much money you could save so you could devote a significant part of your time to ensuring that all calls are answered and that your clients’ medical needs are met.

Overall, Telephone Answering services are an excellent choice for those with medical needs. They have comfort and high-quality service at a reasonable price.

3. Helping Patients

Second, using a telephone answering service ensures that the patients are still handled equally and with dignity. When you have a competent medical answering service, there is no reason to continue to describe anything. They are also prepared to answer any questions that can arise in their office. It is your responsibility to do what is best for your company and the welfare of your patients.

A telephone answering service is a wise business decision. And if you only have services on a part-time basis, it is a bright idea to find a way to make yourself more marketable to prospective clients.

4. Scheduling Appointments

You’re probably scheduling a lot of meetings with other staff during the day in order to provide home health customers with the services they need. Unfortunately, the team is also doing such tasks as dispatching nurses to specific sites and assisting with the coordination of medical services during temporary hospital stays. There are no other distractions for a devoted Telephone Answering Service; they just make, alter, and cancel appointments. They give you peace of mind in knowing that an appointment will not be forgotten by mistake.

5. Answering Overflow Calls 

Even if you address your own phone calls, there will be moments when you are on another line or just too distracted to pick up the phone. Callers will, of course, go to voicemail, but what if they need anything right away? What if they have a crisis that they don’t want to risk? Using a telephone answering service for call overload ensures that a person can actually answer the phone, saving the customers and staff during the day.


We understand why you want to ensure that your patients are well taken care of. You make an effort to ensure that this is the case. At Hartley and Associates, our mission as an In-Home Telephone Answering Service is to make the job of caring for your patients simpler. We understand that we cannot substitute your personal service; instead, we want to enhance and make a few things simpler for you and your team.

Our mission is to save you time while ensuring that your customers have the same quality of support.