yxngj.o the upcoming melodic rapper from England

yxngj.o the upcoming melodic rapper from England, at only 14 he years old started music as an escape from the world to try something new. He says Music has always been something special to him, It helps him express his feelings and emotions, and when he’s feeling down he would always would blast music on his speaker to help himself feel better, specifically j. I and polo g. yxngj.o first started in February of 2020 but really started taking it serious . He since released his hit single “I will be baking ” and his music career has been going up since. Once he saw “I will be baking” which is now at a total 10k plus plays total, he says “I knew I just saw the vision”. Well yxngj.o the medium family wishes you warm welcomes, and give you the best of luck through your young career.

Yxngj.o’s Instagram: @yxngj.o