Yung Curl, a music artist and promoter comes out with an Independent Movie

Corley White, a.k.a Yung Curl, is one of the upcoming names in the world of music. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he’s recently been on a roll for his music and is now coming up with an Independent Film making to the headlines. Let’s look at his story as he shares experiences and escapades from his life.

From music to an independent movie, how did it happen?
Well, sometimes, life has a bigger plan than you can imagine for yourself. I have always been passionate about music and started my career with it. But to sustain and advance, I switched to promotions. I knew that I could hack into the music world by promoting events. And, this is when I started doing shows with some popular names in the industry like Ice T, Wooh da Kid, and Memphis Bleek, amongst others.

While I was doing fairly good in this line, my biggest break came when I decided to write my own movie. I wrote it, produced it and acted in it as well. This was an experience like none other. Moreover, I got a chance to work with names like Justina Valentine, Shiggy, Fat boy SSE, Bill Collector and Atown. I’m very excited about the movie that’ll be soon released on Halloween On the (Get Lost) Website. You can find more details about the movie on my Instagram account.

We know, either success comes with luck or with hard work. How did you find your way through life?
I have learnt very earlier in my life that there are no free luncheons in the real world. You have to earn every morsel you eat. In my case, things have happened at the very last moment that could have destroyed my will altogether. For example, my flight got delayed on the filming, which some people would have taken as a bad omen.

But instead, I found my way to the filming location. There are times when everything seems to go wrong. You just need to have faith in yourself and continue striving further. Giving up no matter what hurdles life might put my way has never been an option for me.

So Mr Yung Curl, tell us something about your work. What do you specialize in and your future plans?

To be very honest, I personally believe that this is the world of Jacks of all trades. The more you do, the better. I write movies, manage music artists, and communicate with celebrities, amongst other things. All the people I have worked with have recognized my talent and abilities, which have helped me build a network of connections. A network that I am now able to use to help my clients to progress further.

What is your success mantra?
Success means different things for different people. For me, personally, it is about happiness and peace. If you’re not happy and at peace at the end of the day, what have you even been doing the entire time! And, you can only achieve success by doing something you love. 

Well, there are three things that I follow like a good Christian follows the Bible.

  • Giving up is not an option.
  • Always bet on yourself.
  • Don’t be scared to invest in something you believe in.

We know your independent movie is coming out soon. What else do you have in the pipeline?
While my movie comes out on Halloween, we also have a huge PPV celebrity boxing event planned in Miami on October 2nd. You will see some big-screen names fighting in the event, and we’re very excited.

Well, for the final question, how will you like your fans and others connecting with you?
I am easily approachable through Instagram where you can also find everything about the movie and events I am doing.