YouTube recognizes Our Collection for passing 1 million subscribers

Our Collection is a big food video creator page in India. They recently passed 1 million subscribers to their channel, so got the Golden Play Button from YouTube. The name of the channel / Page is Our Collection, the owner of the channel is Aiman ​​Rahaman said; We created the page on 16 February 2016, since then we have been on our way.

Our Collection is now standing by the poor people, they are helping people as much as possible. Their main goal is to bring the best food of India to the world. Recently 3 million followers have been completed on their page.

At the time of the pandemic coronavirus during lockdown, he was seen standing next to helpless people. He has donated helpless people with mask, food and money.

Our Collection said that his videos will not be limited to India and Bangladesh. as well as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and around the World, He will also share street food videos for his followers.

The biggest reason behind our collection quickly surpassing 1 million subscribers is their quality full content. They always want to give some good videos. This is our collection of Indian food products.

Our Collection I would like to present more good food videos to the world in the future. Our Collection would like to exceed 10 million subscribers very soon.