YOUSEFI An up and coming Name In The World Of Fashion.

Fashion is the term that is used to groom our personality. It provides visual information about the people . It is known as the type of communication that explains our clothes. Fashionable clothing is the real demand for all the new generations . The dressing that is commonly used and introduced by celebrities is given the current fashion trends every day. 

Meet Natalie Yosefi, the woman behind the urban streetwear brand that is famous for making a lot of noise between NFL and NBA. 

It is a fact that the fashion world is highly competitive and Natalie is a young woman who has made her recognition in the industry as well as her brand by having athletes such as John Wall wearing her brand. 

No doubt, to accomplish her success, she has overcome several obstacles since the road to fame and achievement is not simple. We all Know that achievements are not easy to accomplish.

In 2017, she introduced her streetwear brand in the industry with the use of the social media platforms to produce a little buzz in LA. In this way, she has gained immense fame and made her recognition without any hassle. Now, she is expanding her brand and is highly excited to exhibit her superb and amazing fall collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week this fall 2021. 

Natalie Yosefi was born and brought up in Stockholm, Sweden. In her childhood, she spent most of her time being super creative and always making all kinds of pieces that one day She will share with the world.

 Always dreaming big , she moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and decided to turn her dreams into reality .

Despite lacking technical skills compared to all the competition in the USA with hundreds of designers, Natalie tried her hardest to learn how to sew on a more professional level by watching videos and using her God given talent. Her driving personality makes her unstoppable!

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