Young Entrepreneur Justin Liwen on Creative Led Success

Justin Liwen, an 18-year-old American entrepreneur and CEO of Feuhle Media LLC, is a testament to the importance of creative exploration. Liwen, born in Virginia, describing his home as “Extremely dull” found himself spending much of his time on social media. Doing more research into algorithms and how these apps we love actually work, he built Feuhle Media – a digital marketing agency helping business adapt and scale to the technological age.

Liwen leverage hometown mentorship and guidance to take his idea for an agency to reality. What’s made his agency stand out from the rest is what they provide. Leveraging his young age and creative services, he’s helped hundreds of clients incorporate their business to less adapted to apps for advertising like TikTok. However, it’s not the normal paid advertising, his claim to fame is algorithm manipulation. Pairing his background with trial and error, Liwen and his agency strategically post mass content on TikTok to generate the same exposure as expensive paid advertising. The idea came from providing business owners with unstable income a cheaper alternative for longer advertisement campaigns, whereas instead of a service fee and a daily advertising cost, it’s all in one.

Even taking it a step further, noting “We’ve found even better sale conversions by pushing out the content to our clients targeted audience on TikTok, and simultaneously running low budget detailed Facebook Ad’s. If they’re watching a very niche specific video on TikTok, they’re most likely viewing it on Facebook and Instagram as well.” This is creative sort of budgeted campaign that Liwen has built is the exact type of product that drives his agencies success. By giving fair pricing, and scaling in clients with bringing on motivated employees, it’s on a constant upwards spiral of success. This business model should be noted by any struggling entrepreneurs. As attractive as that big ticket client is, there’s more value in building experience and testimonials to work up to that client and more.

Justin Liwen is a model of the youth proactively putting their assets to work. Creating new, sustainable ways of marketing and building a career early. 

For further information view Justin Liwen’s website or connect with his social media – Instagram @justnliwen and