Early Life

About 25 years ago in the early 90’s there was a baby born on the surface of the USA having ordinary looks but a couple of desires. He was a baby boy who grew up in a black family and was named as YML PHAROAH. Within upcoming years the boy noticed he does not even love to hear music but actually his interest is getting high in Hip-hop.

At the age of only 10, his curiosity in music increased while at 17 after seeing many circumstances the guy got a little success in growing his national profile when his first song got released “Ancient Artifact.” Right after a year his 2nd release came up; this time not a single but an entire musical album “So Good (Carolina).”

Fortunately, this album was seriously applauded and got collaborations with a few local artists and many well-known social-media stars. Even Young Greatness, Anthony Goff, Blvd Marc, Lotto Savage, Cosa Nostra Yayo, Ugly Money Niche, Pablo Juan, and YFN Lucci also show their appearance with YML PHAROAH.

It is not easy to take place in the limelight, especially for under-age artists from small states but YLM PHAROAH has made this saying totally changed by achieving success. In spite of obstacles, the guy was sure of his goal. That’s why GOD gave a shining luck.

As his state was popular for gangs, drugs, fights, and all other violations but he has never shown any interest in extra things. His young age achievement was a live example for others.  

 Personal life

As a rising star of his time, YLM PHAROAH got some faithful proposals so later he was drowned in a lovely relationship and gave birth to a baby at the age of 23 only. After a year of his baby’s birth parents got married willingly with the permission of their parents.

Today the couple is happy with their child and looking forward to giving a great upbringing to the baby in their way. Obviously, the baby’s father has no match in the industry as he is having a great chance of being popular in time.

Music styles

Today PHAROAH is just 25 but his career started in the early 2000s when he showed his interest in the musical field. The USA-based guy was rich in talent and completely influenced by soul music, rock, and music while hip-hop is always on his priority.

The guy was serious in his work so he started introducing electronic musical elements. When he plays these elements the musical style traps different themes, vibes, and feelings that could make anyone his fan.


PHAROAH is getting great success in the music industry and trying to get more business in the future. He knows the worth of time, and practice which pushes him beyond all hurdles. His success got a great start in the year 2017 when his song “Behind the scene” got a huge achievement.

His debut came on screen in the same year as “ANCIENT ARTIFACTS,” when he got an unbelievable role.

The Goal

Pharaoh’s goal is to make music that people can vibe to and enjoy while spreading a positive message.

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