Years of Experience has Led Chicago Rapper Gustavo Bands to the Front of the National Hip-Hop Conversation

“I always liked music and always imagined myself being the one on stage performing for thousands of people.” The vision for Chicago rapper and entrepreneur Gustavo Bands has always been clear. From the earliest of ages, he knew he would pursue a career in the music industry. What he thought would be a life performing in front of adoring fans has become so much more. Gustavo Bands has made a name for himself in the Chicago hip-hop scene with a foot in both the artistic and business sides of the industry, and now, he’s ready for national recognition.

When Gustavo Bands began his grind in the Chicago music scene just around a decade ago, he made his first impact helping other local artists with their signwriting and creative development. While he wasn’t particularly excited about what the business side of the industry entailed, Gustavo Bands knew he could help grow the scene he was in if he continued on that path. Eventually, he became CEO of the recording label ThurlBred Entertainment, a position which he still holds today. In that role, he has been able to engineer and executive produce his own music and help others as well.

Speaking of Gustavo Bands’ own music, while he was making business moves for all those years, he was also quietly working on his own sound. With only a handful of releases on streaming services, fans have only gotten a small taste of the soundscapes and raw lyrical power Gustavo Bands is capable of. Tracks like “Street Lights,” his most recent release, display the pop-inflected-trap sound that the Chicago rapper brings to the table. Even with a small sample size, the full-length project Gustavo Bands has been teasing is something all rap fans should be looking forward to.

Anticipation has built around Gustavo’s debut release, and he knows he needs to come through for his fans and for his family. “My greatest inspiration for my music is my kids looking at me like I’m a superhero, honestly,” the rapper shares. Even with the hype built around it, Gustavo Bands’ music is yet to disappoint, and with his experience in music, his next release is on track to be just as impressive. 

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