WWE Community Rallies Behind Bianca Belair Amid Racist Fan Comments

Bianca Belair, a prominent figure in WWE, found herself at the center of a social media storm after facing a barrage of racist comments from supposed “fans.” The incident unfolded when the WWE Games Instagram account shared a photo featuring Belair alongside fellow wrestlers Rhea Ripley and Cody Rhodes, igniting a wave of derogatory remarks aimed at Belair.

In response to the hateful comments, supporters swiftly rallied around Belair, with the hashtag “#WeLoveYouBianca” trending on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). The outpouring of support came not only from fans but also from within the wrestling community itself.

WWE stars, including Big E, Zelina Vega, and Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, stood in solidarity with Belair, condemning the racist remarks and expressing unwavering support for their colleague. Big E shed light on the longstanding issue of racism and misogyny faced by Black women in professional wrestling, emphasizing the need for change within fan communities.

Zelina Vega delivered a powerful message, calling out the perpetrators of the hateful comments and urging them to reflect on their actions. She lauded Belair’s accomplishments and resilience, highlighting her as a role model and a symbol of empowerment within the wrestling industry.

Rhea Ripley echoed similar sentiments, praising Belair’s trailblazing achievements and emphasizing her impact as a history maker. Ripley emphasized that Belair’s nickname, “EST,” is not merely a title but a testament to her excellence and dedication to her craft.

Former WWE wrestler AJ Francis also weighed in on the issue, pointing out the hypocrisy of comparing Belair to other wrestlers based on race. He emphasized that such comparisons are rooted in racism and called for an end to such behaviour.

Despite the hurtful comments, Belair has not publicly commented on the issue. However, the overwhelming support from her peers and fans is a powerful reminder of the unity and solidarity within the wrestling community. As the wrestling world continues to confront issues of racism and discrimination, the voices of support for Bianca Belair stand as a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.