WordPress: Why Should We Use It for Digital Marketing?

Believe it or not: more than 43% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. To be exact, there are close to 500 million websites running on WordPress CMS. 

WordPress is associated with flexibility. It’s free to use. But what makes it more attractive is you can extend its usage to fit your needs.

Not to mention, the web developers are constantly on edge to develop new and improved plugins for all sorts of purposes you can possibly imagine. 

When it comes to digital marketing, there are plenty of reasons why WordPress is an optimal choice to drive more sales. 

Here’s why you should use WordPress for digital marketing:

1. WordPress is Free, Free, Free!

The most obvious reason for choosing WordPress is because it is free. 

Of course, there are plenty of costs associated with the CMS if you wish to upgrade to a wider, more commercial template. But as far as the basic requirements go, the system is free.

On top of that, you can make use of the hundreds of available templates to design your own webpage.

2. Great Ranking on Search Engines

One of the primary reasons why any digital marketing agency would recommend WordPress is that it is SEO-friendly. This aspect increases the chances of your website having a higher ranking on Google and other relevant search engines.

WordPress has many different SEO features. We are listing some of them below:

Concise and Clear Codes

WordPress uses easy-to-read and clear codes for websites that make site crawling and indexing very easy for Google.

Permalinks are Editable  

Every site has URLs known as permalinks. On WordPress, you can edit these URLs and optimize them by integrating targeted keywords. 

This structure allows the search engines and new visitors to understand what a specific webpage is about. The customization is fairly easy and the users can expand their audience by optimizing search engine results.

Enhance Visual Experience 

On any website, especially the ones driving more traffic, images play a crucial part. 

With WordPress, not only can you integrate your web page with a variety of images but also optimize your website’s loading time.

We live in a fast-paced world where attention spans have become shorter than you’d expect. If your webpage takes a long time to load, you will have massive negative clicks. 

That’s because users will come on your website and leave within 10-seconds if the page doesn’t load. This can be prevented when you optimize your webpage and lessen the load like how WordPress allows you to do. 

For those of you who wish to add tons of images to their website, this might be a good way to go about it. A number of digital marketing agencies in Milwaukee recommend WordPress for this very reason.

3. Content Marketing

Digital marketing is incomplete without content marketing and the latter requires development and promotion at all times. 

WordPress allows you to SEO-optimize your website on search engines using targeted keywords. Besides, it gives you the liberty of syncing all your social media platforms with one another.

In fact, linking your WordPress website to your social media accounts, fetching content from blog posts, and sharing a single post on multiple social networks is absolutely effortless. 

For example, if you want your content shared on multiple platforms by readers, simply install relevant plugins – for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes. 

Once you have shared content on your website, you can encourage your visitors to share it on other social media handles by call-to-action.

4. Easy to Update and Maintain

The best part about using WordPress is that anyone and everyone can handle, use, and maintain it. An SEO company would encourage louder results with minimal effort that WordPress makes very easy to achieve.

The website will be different from the typical static ones built on the PHP platform. So, you’re not handcuffed or have to rely on developers to make small tweaks here and there regularly.

WordPress has a very user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and you don’t need coding knowledge to run it efficiently. From design to content placement, and adding more pages in the future, you can make adjustments to your website when needed. 

And wait, there is more. On WordPress, you can also automate plugin updates to ensure your website stays up to date all the time.

5. Variety of Design Options

All those who have trouble figuring out the right layout and design of their website can now put this issue to rest for good. With WordPress, you get endless design options, allowing you to edit and adjust as per your requirement.

You don’t need to come up with a layout from scratch, which is another solid reason to use this platform. WordPress offers a plethora of layouts, both free and paid. 

For someone new, this flexibility: 

  • Rids the fear of hefty development costs incurred at the initial stage, and
  • Lets you focus on business while upgrading your website through trial and error.

6. Analytics Support

As a website owner, you should be keen to know:

  • Who has visited you?
  • How many people have read your posts or have checked your products?
  • Which content got the highest attraction or conversion?
  • Where is the traffic coming from?

These are just a few questions, but WordPress analytic support offers every figure worthy of your consideration. 

The analytics tool gives you all the information about how your website’s traffic is coming along. You can get access to: 

  • Daily views
  • Views per page
  • Metrics
  • Bounce rate, and so much more.

With all this data at your disposal, you can continue to ensure your website stays on top of its game and your digital marketing strategies continue to be fruitful.

Before You Begin

What makes WordPress so popular among digital marketers? Well, you have read it now. But before you go on creating your WordPress site, determine your goals. 

  • Do you need a blog – lifestyle, travel, marketing, etc.? 
  • Will it be a WooCommerce store?
  • Is it about affiliate marketing? 

Also, conduct some research about your audience before tapping on to the plethora of social plugins. Or, you might end up installing more plugins than you actually need. 

Similarly, have a list of keywords ready before you start creating content. By using the right keywords and search terms, you can get on top of the competition with your WordPress site.

Finally, keep creating content—relevant content—to increase your chances of getting more organic traffic through search engines and social media sites.  


WordPress is surely a powerful CMS to optimize your digital marketing efforts. At the same time, the bag is full of tricks and techniques, and you’re not going to use all of them for sure. And the fact that it’s continuously evolving makes WordPress a little trickier for newcomers.

Therefore, it would be wise to hire an experienced digital marketing agency. They can use the right tools to take your WordPress website to a new level in no time!