Woman-Owned Software Startup Launches Campaign to Keep Feet Cozy While Protecting Elephants

When Jen Remsik stepped in as the new owner of Training Tracker, she was initially driven to become the compliance software start-up’s CEO because she had some interesting ideas to implement to improve the brand. However, she quickly discovered that Training Tracker could be more than simply a “product” she was selling. Instead, her new role offered the opportunity to provide better customer service by honing in on their needs and listening with empathy and genuine interest—giving back on a client-by-client basis.

“When it came time to create a mascot for Training Tracker that would represent this increased focus on service, I discovered that there was an animal that really symbolized our values: elephants!” Remsik says. The startup aims to be the go-to software provider for training and certification tracking, compliance, and auditing, while also giving back to the community and being a diverse and inclusive company. A long-time animal lover, Remsik researched wild animals that could represent these goals and learned a great deal about the gentle giants that inspired the company’s mascot, Tilly Tusker.

Elephants have a keen sense of smell, which they can use to track down water sources up to 12 miles away. They’re also considered strong, nurturing, loyal to their families, and protective. And as the saying goes, “an elephant never forgets.” “These are just some of the reasons why elephants are meaningful to Training Tracker,” Remsik says. “We’re committed to supporting and working with our customers, and our software helps track and ‘remember’ which trainings a client’s team has completed.” 

Unfortunately, the world’s elephant population has steadily declined over the last century due to illegal poaching and habitat destruction. To spread awareness and to play a part in elephants’ conservation, Remsik decided to launch a campaign that would contribute to the cause: Training Tracker created cute, comfortable socks that feature Tilly Tusker, the sale of which supports the World Wildlife Federation, a leader in the fight to protect elephants and other threatened species. With National Elephant Appreciation Day coming soon on September 22, the company hopes to spread the word about this fun way to get involved and inspire other organizations to create similar campaigns. “If more businesses took part in social causes and gave back to their communities, think how much better the world could be.” 

Learn more about this effort on Training Tracker’s website.