Will Francis Offers Wide Range Of Skill With Album “The Best Of…” Showcasing Songs Of Every Genre

North Carolina singer, songwriter and prominent performer Will Francis returns to the music scene with the new album “The Best Of….” The musician, formerly a performer delving primarily in rock and hip hop music takes a new and unique approach in his recently released album. The project boasts rock, hip hop and country and folk, giving listeners a broad range of options to choose from when listening. Will Francis has made his mark on the music scene in North Carolina, but his listeners tune into his releases from all over the world, in places such as: London, Amsterdam, Chicago, France, and Mexico. 

Will Francis keeps listeners guessing as there is no set pattern to the type of genre you’ll be getting on every track. From hip hop and lyrics that seem to be freestyled on “Busta U-Turn,” to the more cool and calm folk-ballad of “When the Deal’s Done,” Will Francis provides listeners with all types of sounds that they typically wouldn’t expect to stem from one artist, much less one artist on a single album. Will Francis impressively taps into the freestyling skills he now confidently expresses after mastering the particular style of art under the moniker “Dolla Bill,” a nickname given to him by a coworker. He then pivots his style in the next few tracks, from the melancholy and gentle, “Pink Ribbons” to the more aggressive, hard rock anthem, “Turn the Screw.” In a voice that oozes comfortability behind the mic, Will Francis is able to expertly convey his emotions directly to each album listener. The Best Of… most definitely includes something for everyone to appreciate. 

Listen now to “The Best Of…” by Will Francis, available on all major digital streaming platforms. 

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