Will a business or management degree advance my career?

Are you looking for a way to progress your career? The first step should be to look into educational programs and degrees to improve your knowledge and practical experience. A strong foundational education can help not only boost your appeal as a candidate but also expand your contacts and social network. Business and/or management degrees, in particular, are some of the most lucrative to consider when planning out your next career move.

Considering a marketing degree? Enhance your career with specialized knowledge, refined communication skills, and a vast network, making you a sought-after candidate in the competitive business landscape. Explore the diverse benefits a marketing degree offers and pave your way to success.

Here are some of the reasons why you might consider a business-related program to expand your horizons:

Degrees offer specialized knowledge

One of the biggest benefits that degrees offer is specialized knowledge. Have you ever heard the phrase “a Jack of all trades buta master of none”? It means that when you focus on broad skills, you get broad results that can be applied on a general, superficial level. While this might work for some degrees, you are more likely to find that employers are seeking individuals with a more detailed understanding of their field of choice.

Business degrees allow students to narrow down their field of study. This, in turn, ensures that they receive education in those niches in addition to completing more general coursework. When you have both general knowledge of the industry along with more specific knowledge about a niche, you become infinitely more marketable to employers.

Degrees boost communication skills

What you say is often less important than how you say it. Even the most insightful words will likely fall on deaf ears if they are said in an aggressive or off-putting manner.

Wondering how “aggressive” and “off-putting” are defined? That’s where business or management degrees come into play. As you complete your studies and learn to communicate in both written papers as well as in-person in class, or on Zoom if the degree offers a remote learning option, you are gaining invaluable experience which will help you express yourself clearly and connect with other people more effectively. Both these skills are important in business and management, and candidates with better “people skills” are more appealing than those without.

Degrees expand social circles

When studying for a degree, especially for advanced degrees such as graduate and post-graduate, students are placed in close contact with other students. Many advanced degrees are completed by professionals in their field, which means that when you work with your fellow students, you are building relationships with people in your sphere. This is valuable for a few different reasons, not the least of which is that you are exponentially expanding your professional opportunities.

Completing a business or management degree is a great way to become familiar with successful voices in your field. When you are familiar with someone’s skills and expertise, you might be more likely to think of them when a suitable opportunity comes your way, right? This is one of the ways in which a larger network results in better opportunitiesto advanceyour career.

Degrees offer training opportunities

Another reason people seek out business and management degree isfor the hands-on experience they receive. Studying for a degree isn’t just about reading your textbooks and memorizing bits of information to recall for exams. Many programs offer students practical experience to really drive home their studies, especially with advanced degrees. Training opportunities vary widely from one specialty to another, but frequently include the chance to mentor with successful people in your industry.

Don’t worry if you aren’t convinced you need additional hands-on experience – these opportunities have something to offer you too. When you interact with established professionals in your field, you are forming connections with powerful people. This can significantly boost your appeal and can even help you land higher-level positions despitelots of competition.

Most popular degrees

If you are considering going back to school to earn a business-related degree or are pondering the wisdom of continuing your current studies, take some time to research the right program for your goals. Not all degrees offer the same value toevery student, especially if you have niche interests that require specialized coursework. Some degrees are more popular than others, with a DBA programme, or a Doctorate in Business Administration, being one of the most sought-after degrees for individuals hoping to improve their career prospects.

DBA degrees are designed to help future leaders level up their skills in order to prepare them for high-level jobs. The most important thing with this kind of degree is to study with an accredited educational institution such as Aston University or another top university.

Other common degrees include business management and business marketing, both of which offer students detailed coursework focused on the business landscape and how you can better meet employer expectations. A management degree focuses on managing people in the business industry, be it via a human resources position or managing a team, while a business marketing degree teaches the ins and outs of effective marketing in several different realms ranging from traditional media to social media and beyond.

The degree you pick depends upon your specific career goals. If you want to be an executive at a respected company, for example, you might choose a DBA degree. People more interested in interacting with fellow workers on a one-on-one basis will likely find that a business management degree is a better choice.

Whether you have experience in the field or are new to business or management, there are degrees and programs which can help you thrive. Keep the information above in mind as you progress through your studies, and you’ll be landing your dream job in no time!