Wig Fever: Body Wave Wigs

Body Waves wigs have a natural pattern to create a soft and natural looking wave. Body Wave is a loose curl that comes in a wave pattern and sells well online. It changes the texture of your hair in a lasting way and frees you from daily hair styling. And the maintenance cost is not too high.

Benefits of Body Wave Wigs

A body wave wig is a commonly worn by women for parties and other elegant occasions, due to the “S” shape wavy pattern. “S” wavy wig makes women look sexy. In addition, those hairs are soft, silky, and have a good touch feeling. As you can see, there are many benefits of having a body wave wig:

Body wave wigs boast a natural wave, the same wave many people are trying to achieve with styling products. Life is literally a phase when you have naturally wavy hair, so wear it with pride.

A body wave wig looks youthful. There is something about body wave hair that makes it look carefree and carefree. Something about thick texture and volume, a slight wildness, especially when worn naturally.

Easy to style. People with natural body wave hair don’t need to go to great lengths to achieve stick-straight locks or flirty curls. A body wave wig goes with the flow…and stays there with more holding power.

Many people usually complain that their hair can’t stay wavy or curly after washing. As a matter of fact, almost all people have the same question based on the characteristics of human hair. It depends on how you take care of it. Now Wig Fever Hair will tell you how to care for your body wave human hair wig.

How to care for body wave wigs?

Just like your own natural hair, body wave wigs require some maintenance.

●    Detangle

Use your fingers to thoroughly detangle your hair, from the ends to the top, starting at the roots to prevent breakage, then use a wide-tooth comb. Use a paddle brush to smooth the hair, and style it as desired.

●    To wash

Wash your body wave wigs every other day with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Dip your hair in cool or lukewarm water for 5 minutes (do not use hot water) making sure it is thoroughly wet.

Apply a small amount of shampoo and rub it in gently, then rinse off the shampoo (it’s better to use shampoo for hair extensions), and then use the conditioner to deepen your hair.

●    Hang the wig to dry

Dry your body wave wig and do not brush when wet. Hang your human hair wigs in a ventilated place, and wait until it dries. You can then use the wide tooth to brush and style your human hair wigs.

●    Avoid using heat styling on your hair

It is best not to use hair styling on your wig, such as straightening or curling. If you must use it, use a heat protectant spray and a medium-low temperature.

●    Apply some natural oils

Apply some type of natural oil, such as coconut or olive oil, to help your hair feel moist and wavy, shiny and silky. The oil should also be applied to any part of your hair that remains, especially the crown, nape and hairline.

●    Take good care of her when you sleep with her

When sleeping, cover your wig with a silk scarf to prevent frizz and tangles while you sleep, and help keep your wig in its original condition.

To find the perfect fit, you’ll want to compare different options by wig texture and color. Trust suppliers like Wig Fever Human Hair Wig Company for the best body wave wig & 4×4 closure wig deals that allow you to achieve the look you want.