Why You Need To Think Seriously About Running An Ecommerce Business From Home

If you are considering starting an eCommerce business or have a small one already that is starting to gain a bit of traction, then you have some important decisions to make. You may have pictured running it ‘Jeff Bezos style’ from your garage, but on reflection, you might not find that is the best solution. There are many factors to consider, and you need to weigh up the pros and cons of each.

#1 The space you will require

The biggest thing that most fledgling eCommerce business owners underestimate is the amount of space they need. Even if you are selling small items like jewellery, if you are going to have the type of range that will replace a full-time income, then you will need more than you can fit in your spare room without thinking about space for packing. If you are selling larger items like furniture, then the space becomes much larger, and you are likely to need to find a small warehouse to rent. This can’t just be any space, though, as you will need somewhere that is secure and monitored even when you are not there. Ideally, other facilities, like kitchen space, would be available too, so you can prepare food and beverages during the working day.

#2 Not being able to walk away at the end of each day

You may have dreamed of your life as an eCommerce business owner, but you don’t want it to take over your whole life. If you run your business from home, you never really leave the workplace, and it can be all but impossible to switch off. By opting for a working space outside your home, you can close the door after the last courier pick-up of the day and just go home and enjoy your evening. If you have picked the right place, you will also have peace of mind that things will be as you left them when you walk back in, come the morning.

#3 The stress it could put on the household

Running a business from home can mean that you are combining your homelife with your business life, and you need to make sure that everybody is on board with this if you are to succeed. You need to consider what life will be like with stock filling up every available piece of floor space or you writing product listings while you should really be reading bedtime stories or sharing a meal with your other half. This can cause friction at home, which will inevitably affect the running of your business and cause it to falter, even though there is nothing wrong with the plan in principle.

So, to wrap everything up

Sometimes, home businesses shouldn’t really be run at home, especially if they happen to be eCommerce businesses that sell bulky items. In a situation like this, you need to think about what effect it will have on your home, and if the right space is available elsewhere, then you should seriously consider that option instead. If the space is well managed, cheap, and secure enough, with other facilities as well, then it is likely to work out the winner over cramped spaces and a tense atmosphere at home.