Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are a virtual certainty for anyone who drives throughout adulthood. The Michigan Department of Transportation says there are about 8.6 million motorcycles, private passenger cars, and commercial vehicles registered in Michigan and the average motorist travels 15,000 annually. All those vehicles and the amount of miles driven increase the odds of an accident occurring. Mix in wintry weather during the winter, and driving can be treacherous at times.

The strong potential for being in a car accident is why the state requires all vehicles to be insured to protect others against financial harm if you cause an accident. Liability insurance will pay up to policy limits for bodily injuries and property damage that other people might suffer. An experienced Detroit car accident lawyer can help you hold liable parties accountable if a negligent driver causes an accident that damages your vehicle or causes you to suffer injuries.

Negligent Drivers Are Liable for the Harms They Cause

In addition to the requirement for liability coverage, Michigan is a no-fault auto insurance state when it comes to paying medical costs that arise from an auto accident. The owners of every vehicle traveling on public roads must have auto insurance to protect against liability for injuries and property damage that they might cause others to suffer. FedEx accident attorney says car owners also must carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage that pays for their medical costs and those of any passengers they might have no matter who caused the accident.

Your attorney can help you to document your injury costs and obtain a fair settlement from your insurer. Those costs include the direct medical costs that you paid out of your pocket, including any health insurance deductibles, the cost of fuel to go to and from doctor appointments, and any prescription drug costs you might have paid. Your costs also include lost wages if you miss work due to your injuries.

Attorneys Ensure Fair and Timely Insurance Settlements

When an insurance claim is filed, insurers have up to 30 days to investigate the claim and another 30 days to either pay it or deny it. While the investigation is underway, an insurance adjuster often contacts those involved, including the policyholder and any other involved drivers. When you retain an attorney, you can give an insurance adjuster the attorney’s contact information and do not have to answer any questions.

The moment you notify the insurance adjuster that you have retained an attorney and provide the contact information, the insurance adjuster must cease the communication. Insurers and any opposing attorneys must contact your attorney to get permission to contact you. They have the right to depose you, but your attorney will be present and can help to prepare you so that you do not fall prey to any misleading questions. Your attorney also can help to ensure any settlement offers are fair and paid in a timely manner as required by state law.